Группа Название альбома Год выпуска Страна Примечание
A — 440 Ulysees — The Greek Suite 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
A La Ping Pong Go Go Pongs 1981 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
A Train Overdue USA CD-R / Vinyl
Aardvark Same 1970 UK Polydor
A-Austr Same 1970 UK Kissing Spell
A.B.Skhy Same 1969 USA One Way
A.B.Skhy Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
A.B.Skhy Ramblin On 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
A.B.Skhy Avalon Ballrom USA CD-R / Vinyl
A.J. Last Songs First Side 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
A Cid Symphony Same 1967 USA Ger Fab
Aaron Space Same 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Aarons And Ackley Same 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Abacus Same 1971 Germany Valhalla
Abacus Same 1971 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Abacus Midway 1974 Germany Germanofon
Abacus Everything You Need 1972 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Abacus Just A Day’s Journey Away 1973 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Abacus Everything You Need 1972/1974 Germany Prog. Line
Abedul Nosotros 1979 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Abel Please World 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Abissi Infinity Tunnel 1981 Italy Mellow
Ablution Same 1974 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Abraxis Same 1976 Belgium CD-R / Vinyl
Absolom, Mike Same 1971 UK Repertoire
Absolute Elsewhere In Search Of Ancient Gods 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Abstract Truth Silver Trees 1970 S.Africa Hugo-Montes
Abstract Truth Totum 1971 S.Africa B.Cover
Abstract Truth Totum + Bonus Album Silver Trees 1971/1970 S.Africa Mason
Abastracts Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Abuelo, Miguel Miguel Abuelo & Nada 1968-1973 Argentina Condor’s Cave
Abus Dangereux Le Quatrieme Mouvement France CD-R / Vinyl
Abus Dangereux Live 1985 France CD-R / Vinyl
A-Cads Hungry For Love 1966 S.Africa Crystal Emporium Pr.
ACI Tiefenrausch 1980 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Academy Pop-Lore Assording To The Academy 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Acanthe Someone Somewhere 1973-1977 France Musea
Acapulco Gold Same 1983 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Accolade Same 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Accolade 2 1971 UK Hugo-Montes
Ace Five A Side 1974 UK Document
Ace Time For Another 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Ace No Strings 1977 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Ace Of Cups It’s Bad For You But Buy It! 1967-1969 USA Big Beat
Ache De Homine / Green Man 1970/1971 Denmark GTR
Ache Bla Som Altid/Pictures From Cyclus7 1976/1977 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Ache Pictures From Cyclus 7 1976 Denmark GTR
Acid Same 1974 Austria CD-R / Vinyl
Acid More 1975 Austria CD-R / Vinyl
Acid Age 1976 Austria CD-R / Vinyl
Acintya La Cite Des Dieux Oublies 1978 France CD-R / Vinyl
Ackles, David Subway To The Country 1969 USA Collectables
Ackles, David American Gothic 1972 USA Collectables
Acqua Fragile Same 1976 Italy BMG
Acrobat Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Action Rolled Gold 1968 UK Dig The Fuzz
Action Ultimate Action 1964-1967 UK Edsel
Action Same 1972 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Adisos Aperis Nai Alla 1984 Greece CD-R / Vinyl
Aditus Aditus 1&2 1977/1979 Venezuela CD-R / Vinyl
Advancement Same 1969 USA Fallout
Aera Humanum Est 1974 Germany Germanofon
Aera Humanum Est / Hand Und Fuss 1974/1976 Germany Erlkonig
Aera Turkis / Live 1979/1980 Germany Erlkonig
Aera Too Much 1981 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Aerial In The Middle Of The Night/Maneuvers 1978/1980 Canada MaGaDa
Aerial In the Middle Of The Night 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Aeroblues Same 1977 Argentina Universal
Aerodrom Kad Musli Mi Urludaju 1979 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Aerodrom Tango Bango 1981 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Aerovons Resurrection 1969 UK RPM
Aesop’s Fables In Due Time 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Affair Face To Face 1998 Germany Sky
Affinity Same 1970 UK Repertoire
Affinity If You Live 1968-1970 UK No Lable
Afflicted Man The Complete Recordings 1980’s Australia Bonk
After All Same 1969 USA Ger Fab
After Crying Elso Evtized 1996 Hungary Periferic
After Life Cauchemar 1975 France CD-R / Vinyl
Aftershave Skin Deep 1972 Switzerland CD-R / Vinyl
Aftershave Skin Deep 1972/1973 Switzerland Vintage
Aftershave Strange Feeling 1974 Switzerland CD-R / Vinyl
After Tea No Just A Flower In Your Hair 1967/1968 Holland Rotation
After Tea Joinhouse Blues 1970 Holland Prog. Line
Afterglow Same 1968 USA Sundazed
Agape Gospel Hard Rock 1971 USA Agape
Agape Victions Of Trditions 1971 USA Agape
Agape Le Troisieme Seui 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Agamemnon Part 1&2 1980 Switzerland CD-R / Vinyl
Agamenon Todos Rien De Mi 1975 Spain Guersion
Agamon Open Up Your Minds 1993 Sweden Mellotronen
Agathorn Same 1980 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Age Of Reason Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Agincourt Fly Away 1970 UK Background
Agitation Free Malesh 1972 Germany Spalax
Agitation Free The Other Sides Of 1974 Germany Garden Of Delight
Agitation Free At The Clifts Of River Rhine 1974 Germany Garden Of Delight
Agitation Free Second 1973 Germany Spalax
Agitation Free At Last 1976 Germany Spalax
Agitation Free Fragments 1974 Germany Spalax
Agnes Strange Strange Flavour 1975 UK GTR
Agnes Strange Theme For A Dream 1971-1974 UK Rock Fever
Agnus Pinturas Y Espesiones 1980 Argentina CD-R / Vinyl
Agony Bag Piss Out Your Trash 2001 UK Black Widow
Agony Bag Feeimazumba 1976 UK Black Widow
Agora Agora2 1976 Italy Warner Music
Agora Mazda Catfish 1970 Holland Pseudonim
Aggregation Mind Odyssey 1967 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Aguaturbia Same / Volumen 2 1969/1970 Chilie Record Heaven
Aguaturbia Psychedelic Drugstore 1971 Chilie Background
Agvaviva Apocalipsis 1971 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Aigues Vibes Water Of Seasons 1981 Germany Garden Of Delight
Aigues Vibes Water Of Seasons 1981 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Aim For The Highest 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ain Soph Special Live 1986-1989 Japan Belle Antique
Ainigma Deluvium 1973 Germany Little Wing
Ainigma Deluvium 1973 Germany Garden Of Delight
Air Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Air Time 1978 USA Nessa Records
Air Teilweise Kacke…Aber Stereo 1973 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Air Premiers Symptomes USA Source
Airbridge Paradise Movies 1982 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Airlord Clockwork Revenge 1977 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Akasha Same 1977 Norway APM
Akbayram & Dostlar, Edip Same 1974 Turkey World Psychedelia
Akellare Sorta 1972 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Akellare Asfaltuko Lorea 1980 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Akritas Same 1973 Greece Si-Wan
Akritas Same 1973 Greece Walhalla
Akropolis Half A Million Symphony 1979 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Aksak Maboul Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine 1977 Belgium Crammed Discs
Aksak Maboul Un Peu De L’Ame Des Bandits 1979 Belgium
Aktual An Assault Upon The Culture 1971/1972 Czechia Kissing Spell
Aktuala Same 1973 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Aktuala La Terra 1974 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Aktuala Tappeto Volante 1976 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Al Basim Revival 1979 Iran CD-R / Vinyl
Al Universo Viajero Del Espacio 1976 Mexico No Lable
Alabama State Troupers Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Alacrain Same 1969 Spain Disconforme
Alamo Same 1971 USA Black Rose
Alamo Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Alamo, El Malos Pensamients 1971 Peru CD-R / Vinyl
Alas Buenos Aires Solo Es Piedra 1976 Argentina
Alas Pinta Tu Aldea 1983 Argentina PRW
Alas Buenos Aires Solo Es Piedra / Pinta Tu Aldea 1976/1983 Argentina EMI
Alba Same 1977 UK Retro Disc
Albatros Garden Of Eden 1978 Germany Garden Of Delight
Albatros Rockin’ The Sky 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Albatross Same 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Albatross A Breath Of Fresh Air 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Albergo Intergalliato Spaziale Same 1978 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Albergo Intergalliato Spaziale Same 1978 Italy Musicando
Albero Motore Il Grande Gioco 1974 Italy Akarma
Albion Country Band Battle Of The Field 1976 UK BGO
Alcatraz Vampire State Building 1971 Germany Long Hair
Alcatraz Live 1980 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Alcatraz Volumen Uno 1974 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Alco Threads Of Life 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Aleph Surface Tension 1977 UK M2U
Alex Same 1974 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Alex That’s The Deal 1976 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Alexander, Gordon Gordon’s Buster 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Alexander Rabbit Hunchback Of Notre Dame 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Alexander’s Timeless Bloozband For Sale 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Alexander’s Timeless Bloozband Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Alexis Same 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Algarnas Tradgard Garden Of The Elks 1972 Sweden Silence
Algarnas Tradgard Delayed 1973/1974 Sweden Silence
Alias Contraband 1979 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Alice Same 1970/1971 France Prog. Line
Alice Arretez Le Monde 1973 France Second Harvest
Alice Through The Looking Door Same 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Aliota Haynes Music 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Aliota Haynes & Jeremiah Slipping Away 1979 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Alizei, Gli Same 1979 Italy No Lable
Alkatraz Doing A Moonlight 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
All Of Thus Same 1966 USA No Lable
All Saved Freak Band ( G.Schwartz ) My Power Generation 1973 USA Hidden Vision
All Saved Freak Band ( G.Schwartz ) Sower / Brainwashed 1980/1976 USA Rock Thу World
All Saved Freak Band ( G.Schwartz ) For Christmas, Elves & Lovers 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
All That The Name Implies Same 1968 USA Fallout
Allan & The Expressions, Chad Shakin’ All Over Guess Who? 1960’s Canada Legend
Alleluia, Gli Cantana Dei Giovani Per La Vergine Maria 1967 Italy
Allman, Duan & Gregg Dame 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East 1971 USA Polydor
Allman Brothers Band Brothers And Sisters 1973 USA Polydor
Alluminogeni, Gli Green Grapes Italy Vinyl Magic
Alluminogeni, Gli Scolopendra 1972 Italy Warner Fonit
Alluminogeni, Gli Geni Mutanti Italy Vinyl Magic
Allusions Anthology 1966-1968 Australia Canetoad
Alma Ata Dreams 1981 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Alma Y Vida Same 1971 Argentina BMG
Alma Y Vida Volumen 2 1973 Argentina CD-R / Vinyl
Alma Y Vida Del Gemido De Un Corrien 1973 Argentina CD-R / Vinyl
Alma Y Vida Volumen 4 & 5 1975/1976 Argentina No Lable
Alma Y Vida Chronologia 1971-1975 Argentina BMG
Almendra Same + Singles 1968-1970 Argentina BMG
Almendra Same 1968/1970 Argentina BMG Ariola
Almendra Same 1970 Argentina BMG
Almendra Ell Valle Interior 1979 Argentina BMG
Almond Music Machine, Johnny Patent Pending 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Almond Music Machine, Johnny Hollywood Blues 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Alpataco Same 1976 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Alpha Centauri Same 1973 Canada Pacemaker
Alpha Centaury Same 1976 France Mellow
Alpha Du Centaure Contact 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Alpha Ralpha Same 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Alpha To Omega A Life 1975 Switzerland Black Rills
Alphataurus Same 1973 Italy Akarma
Alphataurus Same 1973 Italy Vinyl Magic
Alphataurus Dietro L`Uragano 1974 Italy Mellow
Alquin Marks / Mountain Queen 1972/1973 Holland Polydor
Alquin Nobody Can../ Best Kept Side 1975/1976 Holland Polydor
Alquin Wheelchair Grouple hits Holland Rotation
Alquin On Tour 1976 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Alquitran Same 1977 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Alrune Rod Sonet Area 1969/1972 Denmark Sonet
Alrune Rod Spredt For Vinden 1973 Denmark Karma
Alrune Rod 4 Vejs 1974 Denmark Karma
Alrune Rod Ragnarock — live 1974 1974 Denmark Karma
Alrune Rod Tatuba Tapes 1975 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Alter Echo Same 1979 Sweden Musea
Alto Same 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Altona Same 1974 Germany Disconforme
Altona Chikenfarm 1975 Germany Disconforme
Alusa Fallax Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazio Mellow 1974 Italy Mellow
Alzo Looking For You / Takin’ So Long 1972/1973 USA Beatball
Amalgam Prayer For Peace 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Amalgam Another Time 1976 UK FMR
Amaziah Straight Talker 1979 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Amazing Blondel Evensong 1970 UK Edsel
Amazing Blondel Am.Blondel & New Faces 1970 UK Edsel
Amazing Blondel Fantasia Lindum 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Amazing Blondel England 1972 UK Edsel
Amazing Blondel Blondel 1973 UK Edsel
Amazing Blondel Mulgrave Street 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Amazing Blondel Bad Dreams 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Amazing Rhythm Aces Toucan Do It Too / Burning The Ball… 1977/1978 USA Collector’s Choice
Amber Pearls Of Ambers 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Amber Route Snail Headed Victrolas 1980 USA Si-Wan
Ambergris Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Amboy Dukes Same 1967 USA Mainstrrem
Amboy Dukes Marriage Of the Rocks 1970 USA Line
Amboy Dukes Tooth,Fang And Chain 1974 USA Rhino
Ambrose Rust Your Nose 1978 ГЫФ СВ-
Ambrose, Stephen Gypsy Moth 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ambrosia Same 1972 USA WB
Ame Son Primitive Expression 1969-1976 France Spalax
Ame Son Catalyse 1970 France Spalax
Amen Corner In Paradise Was Halt As Nice 1969 UK Castle
Amen Corner Hello Suzie 1967-1969 UK Atom Music
Amen Corner High In The Sky 1968-1969 UK Atom Music
American Blues ( Pre-ZZ Top ) Is Here 1968 USA Akarma
American Blues ( Pre-ZZ Top ) Is Here / Do Their Thing 1968/1969 USA Afterglow
American Blues Exchange Blueprints 1969 USA Ger Fab
American Breed Same 1967 USA CD-R / Vinyl
American Bread Pumpkin Powder,Scarlet & Green 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
American Bread Bend Me,Shape me 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
American Bread Lonely Side Of The City 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
American Bread Bend Me,Shape Me ( The Best ) 1960’s USA CD-R / Vinyl
American Eagle Same 1970 1970 CD-R / Vinyl
American Flyer Same / Spirit Of A Woman 1976/1977 USA Collector’s Choice
American Gypsy Angel Eyes 1974/1975 Holland Rotation
American Peddlers Once Upon A Rock 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
American Revolution Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
American Spring Spring…Plus 1971 USA SFM
American Tears Branded Bad 1974 USA Frontiers
Amerindios, Los Same 1970 Chilie CD-R / Vinyl
Amigos De Maria,Los Rock & Roll Scars 1973 Chilie CD-R / Vinyl
Amish Same 1972 USA LMT
Amm Amm Music 1966/67 UK ReR
Amon Dull 2 Phallus Dei 1969 Germany Repertoire
Amon Dull 2 Tanz Der Lemmings 1971 Germany Repertoire
Amon Dull 2 Carnival In Babylon 1972 Germany High Tide
Amon Dull 2 Wolf City 1972 Germany
Amon Dull 2 Hijack 1974 Germany Garden Of Delight
Amon Dull 2 Manana ( BBC Recordings ) 1971/1973 Germany Strange Fruit
Amon Dull 2 Pyragony 10th 1976 Germany Garden Of Delight
Amondegas Same 1975 Brazil Phonodisc
Amor En Vivo 1971 Mexico CD-R / Vinyl
Amos Key First Key 1973 Germany Germanofon
Amphyrite Same 1973 France CD-R / Vinyl
Amsterdam Indian Pipe 1975 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Amulet Same 1980 USA Monster
An Triskell Kroaz Hent 1976 France CD-R / Vinyl
Anabis Heaven On Earth 1980 Germany WMMS
Anabis Theatre 1988 Germany WMMS
Analogy Same 1972 Ger / Italy Vinyl Magic
Analogy The Suite 1980 Ger / Italy OHR
Anamorphose Live 1986 France CD-R / Vinyl
Ananga-Ranga Regreso As Origens 1976 Portugal CD-R / Vinyl
Ananga-Ranga Privado 1977 Portugal CD-R / Vinyl
Anar Band Same 1977 Portugal CD-R / Vinyl
Ancient Grease Women And Children First 1970 UK Mercury
Ancient Grease Women & Children First 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
And Trip Ceremony 24 Hours 1967/1968 USA Collectables
Anderen, Die ( Apocalypse ) Kannibal Komix 1968 Germany Long Hair
Anderson, Miller Bright City 1971 UK Valhalla
Andrew Woops 1973 Iceland CD-R / Vinyl
Andrews, Harvey Friends Of Mine 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Andromeda Anthology 1966-1969 UK Kissing Spell
Andromeda Same 1969 UK GTR
Andromeda Definitive Collection Hits UK Angel Air
Andromeda Live 1968-1969 UK PR Recorda
Andromeda Same 1970 Germany Second Battle
Andromeda Karliburr 1979 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Andwella Worlds End / People’s People 1970/1971 UK Prog. Line
Andwella’s Dream Love And Poetry 1969 UK Reflection
Andwella’s Dream Love And Poetry 1969 UK Prog. Line
Ange Live 1971 France Spalax
Ange Caricatures 1972 France Musea
Ange Le Cimetiere Des Arlequins 1973 France Philips
Ange Au — Dela Du Delire 1974 France Philips
Ange Emile Jacotey 1975 France Philips
Ange Par Les Fils De Mandrin 1976 France Philips
Ange Tom 6 1977 France Musea
Angel Pavement Maybe Tomorrow 1967-1969 UK Wooden Hill
Angipatch Vie 1978 France CD-R / Vinyl
Angipatcn Delirium 1981 France CD-R / Vinyl
Anglabarn Same 1973 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Anima 1 1970 Germany OHR WASHL
Anima Sturmischer Himmel 1971 Germany OHR WASHL
Animals The Complete 1964-1965 UK EMI
Animated Egg Same 1969 USA Valhalla
Animated Egg Guitar Freakout 1967-1968 USA Sundazed
Anna Sjalv Tredje Tussilago Fanfara 1977 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Annexus Quam Osmose 1970 Germany Spalax
Annexus Quam Beziehungen 1972 Germany Spalax
Anno Domini On The New Day 1971 UK Hugo-Montes
Anno Domini On The New Day 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Anonima Sound Ltd Red Tape Machine 1972 Italy Akarma
Anonimous Inside The Shadow 1976 USA Aether
Another Blues Conception Same CD-R / Vinyl
Another Roadside Attraction ( ARA ) Same 1979 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Anoxie Pastales 1973 France Mellow
Antares Sea Of Tranquility 1979 Italy Mellow
Antares Over The Hills 1982 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Anthem Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Antique Sorcery 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Anton & Amok, Michael Jesus Makes You High 1971 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Antonius Rex Anno Demoni 1974-1978 Italy Mellow
Antonius Rex Neque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex 1974 Italy Black Widow
Antonius Rex Zora 1977 Italy Mellow
Antonius Rex Ralefun 1978 Italy Mellow
Antonius Rex Praeternatural 1980 Italy Black Widow
Antrobus / The Flying Hat Band Buriet Together 1972/1974 USA SPM
Anturez,Leo Un Tal Leo Anturez 1971 Uruguay CD-R / Vinyl
Anvil Flutes And Capricorn Voices Something New Is Coming 1968 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Anyone’s Daughter Adonis 1979 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Anyone’s Daughter Same 1980 Germany WMMS
Anyone’s Daughter Riktors Verwandlung 1981 Germany Deshima Mus
Anyone’s Daughter Requested. Document Lve Vol.1 1980-1983 Germany Tempus Fygit
Anyone’s Daughter Requested. Document Live Vol.2 1980-1983 Germany Tempus Fygit
Anyone’s Daughter Last Tracks 1986 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Anyone’s Daughter Trio Tour Germany Inside Out
Aorta Same 1969 USA BOD
Aorta 2 1970 USA Buy Or Die
Aorta Byen 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Aphelandra Same 1976 France Mellow
Aphrodite’s Child The Singles hits Greece BR Music
Apocalipsis Experimento No.1 1968 Mexico No Lable
Apocalypse ( ex-Die Anderen ) 1969 Germany Long Hair
Apocalypse Same 1972 Izrael NMC
Apokalypsis 1975 1975 Brazil Natural
Apocalypsis Same / No 1980/1982 Greece Capitol
Apollo Same 1970 Finland Warner Music
Apollo 100 Joy 1972 CD-R / Vinyl
Apostholi, Gli Ho Smesso Di Vivere 1979 Italy MP Records
Apothecary Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Apoteosi Same 1975 Italy Mellow
Appaloosa Same 1971 USA Collector’s Choice
Appartment One Open House 1970 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Apple An Apple A Day 1969 UK Repertoire
Apple Pie Motherhood Band Same 1968 USA Estrella Rockera
Apple Pie Motherhood Band Apple Pie 1969 USA Estrella Rockera
Apple Pie Motherhood Band Apple Pie 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Applejacks Tell Me When 1964/1965 UK Deram
Appletree Theatre Playback 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Apryl Fool Same 1969 Japan CD-R / Vinyl
Apryl Fool & The Flobal Same 1968-1969 Japan Shagadelic
April Wine Same 1971 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
April Wine On Record 1972 Canada Repertoire
April Wine Live 1974 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
April Wine Electric Jewels 1974 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
April Wine Walking Through Fire 1985 Canada Aquarius
April Wine The Whole World’s Goin Crazy 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
April Wine Stand Back 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
April Wine Forever For Now 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Aquelerre Same 1972 Argentina Acqua
Aquelarre Candiles 1972 Argentina Acqua
Aquelarre Brumas 1974 Argentina Microfon
Aquelarre Siesta 1975 Argentina Microfon
Aquila Same 1970 UK TRC
Ar Bras, Dan Douar Nevez 1977 France Hexagone
Ar Korrigan Folk Celtique 1974 France CD-R / Vinyl
Arabesque Tales Of Power 1975-1978 USA Schroom
Arachnoid Same 1978 France Musea
Araconda Same 197? France CD-R / Vinyl
Arbete & Fritid Deep Woods 1970-1979 Sweden Resource
Arbete & Fritid Andra LP 1971 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Arbete & Fritid Same 1972/1973 Sweden MNW
Arbre Time & Again 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Arc …At This 1971 UK Repertoire
Arcadium Breathe A While 1969 UK GTR
Arcane 5 Marron Dingue 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Arcansiel Normality Of Perversion Italy Mellow
Arcesia Reachin 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Archaia Same 1977/1978 France Sol.Zeuhl
Archies Sugar Sugar 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Archies Sugar Sugar 1969 USA Elap
Archimedes Badkar Badrock For I Alla Aldar 1975 SWeden Southside
Archimedes Badkar Tre 1977 Sweden MNN
Arco Iris Same 1970 Argentina BMG
Arco Iris Sudamerica El Regresso A La Aurora 1972 Argentina Music Hall
Arco Iris Inti Raymi 1973 Argentina CD-R / Vinyl
Arco Iris Blues De Dana 1974 Argentina CD-R / Vinyl
Arco Iris Agitor Lucens V 1975 Argentina CD-R / Vinyl
Arco Iris Los Elementales 1977 Argentina Leader Music
Ardo Dombec Same 1971 Germany Garden Of Delight
Ardley, Neil Kaleidoscope Of Rainbows 1976 UK Duck Fire
Area Arbeit Macht Frei 1973 Italy Cramps
Area Crack! 1974 Italy Cramps
Area Gli Dei Se Ne Vanno, Gli Arrabbiati… 1978 Italy Urlo
Area Tic & Tac 1980 Italy Urlo
Area Code 615 Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Arena Same 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Argent Encore 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Argent Counterpoint 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Argent, Rod Moving Home 1978 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Argus Same 1973/1977 UK Audio-Archive
Arica Same 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ariel A Strange Fantastic Dreams 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Ariel Rock & Roll Scars 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Ariel Goodnight Fiona 1976 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Ariel Aloha 1977 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Ariel Kalma Ariel 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ariesta Birawa Vol.1 Shadoks
Arkangel Warrior 1981 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Arktis Same 1973-1974 Germany Penner
Arktis Tapes 1975 Germany Garden Of Delight
Arktis Last Arktis Tapes 1973-1975 Germany Garden Of Delight
Arktis On The Rocks 1976 Germany Garden Of Delight
Arkus 1914 1981 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Armageddon 1969 1969 USA New Amos
Armaggedon Same 1970 Germany Kuckuck
Armand Ben Ik Te Min 1966-1969 Holland Rotation
Armand Rue De La Paix 1972 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Arrival Same 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Arrogance Rumors 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Arrows Devil’s Rumble 1964-1968 USA Sundazed
Ars Nova Sunshine And Shadows 1969 USA Repertoire
Ars Nova Same 1968 USA Sundazed
Ars Nova Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Art Supernatural Fairy Tales 1967 UK Drop Out
Art Bears Hopes And Fears 1978 Germany Cuneiform
Art Boys Collection Stoned Wall 1972 Austria Garden Of Delight
Art Fleury I Luoghi Del Potere 1980 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Art In America Same 1979 USA Sony Music
Art Of Lovin’ Same 1968 USA No Lable
Art Of Lovin + ( other ) Velvet Night 1968/1969 USA Hipschaft
Art Of Music Hallo And Farewell 1971 SWeden CD-R / Vinyl
Art Zoyd Symphonie Pour Le Jour Ou Bruleront Les Cites 1976 France Belle
Arte & Oficio Faces 1979 Portugal CD-R / Vinyl
Arte & Oficio Danza 1982 Portugal CD-R / Vinyl
Artcane Odyssee 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Artful Dodger Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Artful Dodger Honor Among Thieves 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Artful Dodger Rave On 1980 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Arti & Mestieri Tilt 1974 Italy Akarma
Arti & Mestieri Giro Di Valzer Per Domani 1975 Italy Akarma
Artwoods Art Gallery 1964 UK Repertoire
Artwoods 100 Oxford Street UK Edsel
Arzachel Same 1969 UK Akarma
Arzachel UK
Asanovic,Tihomir Pop Majko Zemljo 1974 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Asanovic,Tihomir Pop Same 1976 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Asfalto Same 1978 Spain Si-Wan
Asfalto Al Otro Lado 1978 Spain BMG
Asgard In The Realm Of Asgard 1971 UK Prog. Line
Asgard L’Hirondelle 1976 France CD-R / Vinyl
Asgard Tradition & Renouveau 1978 France You You
Ashdown, Doug The Age Of Mouse 1970 Australia Estrella Rockera
Ashes Same ( Featuring Pat Taylor ) 1968 USA Radioactive
Ashford, Leigh Kinfolk 1971 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Ashkan In From The Cold 1970 UK SPM
Ashman Reynolds Stop Off 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Ashra Walkin’ The Desert 1990 Germany Thunderbolt
Ashra Tempel Schwingungen 1972 Germany Spalax
Ashra Tempel Starring Rosi 1973 Germany Spalax
Ashton Gardner Dyke Ashton Gardner Dyke & Co 1969 UK Repertoire
Ashton Lord First Of The Big Band 1974 UK Line
Asia Armed To The Teeth / Same 1978/1980 USA Wild Placed
Asia Minor Between Flesh & Divine 1980 France Musea
Asia Minor Crossing The Line 1979 France Musea
Asin Philiphines Vicor
Asleep At The Wheel Texas Gold / Wheelin And Dealin 1975/1976 USA Acadia
Asoka Same 1971 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Asoka Same 1971 Denmark Mellotronen
Assagai Same 1971 South Africa CD-R / Vinyl
Assagai Zimbabwe 1971 South Africa CD-R / Vinyl
Assagai Afrorock 1971 South Africa CD-R / Vinyl
Assembled Multitude Same 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Association Renaissance 1967 USA Collector’s Choice
Association Windy 1967 USA Collector’s Choice
Association Birthday 1968 USA Collector’s Choice
Association Same 1969 USA Collector’s Choice
Association Live 1970 USA Collector’s Choice
Association Stop Your Motor 1971 USA Collector’s Choice
Association Earwax 1970 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Association PC Sun Rotation 1971 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Association PC Rock Around The Cock 1973 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Astral Navigation Same ( Hollyground The Works Vol.4 ) 1975 UK Background
Astral Navigation Same ( Hollyground The Works Vol.4 ) 1975 UK Kissing Spell
Astronauts Surfin With / Competition Coupe 1963/1964 USA Bear Family
Astronauts Down The Line / Traulin Men 1965/1967 USA Collectables
Asturcon Same 1981 Spain Dial Discos
Asylum Choir Look Inside The Asylum Choir 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Asylum Choir Two 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Atacama The Sun Burns Up Above 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Atila Intension 1976 Spain Lost Vinyl
Atila Reviure 1978 Spain EMI
Atila Reviure / The Beginning Of The End 1978/1975 Spain Pany Music
Atila Beginning Of The End 1975 Spain Lost Vinyl
Atila Intencion / Reviure ( Live Concert 1999 ) 1976/1999 Spain Panymusica
Atkinson, Danko & Ford Same 1973 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Atlantide Francesco Ti Ricordi 1974 Italy Mellow
Atlantide Same 1976 France Musea
Atlantic Bridge Same 1970/1971 UK Arcangelo
Atlantic Ocean Same 1970 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Atlantis Live 1974/1975 Germany Repertoire
Atlantis It’s Getting Better 1973 Germany Repertoire
Atlantis Same 1972 Germany Repertoire
Atlantis Ooh,Baby 1974 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Atlantis Top Of The Bill 1975-1976 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Atlantis Philarmonic Same 1974 USA Laser’s Edge
Atlas Same 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Atlas Same 1977 Austria CD-R / Vinyl
Atlas Bla Vardag 1979 Sweden APM
Atlee Flying Ahead 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Atlee Flying Ahead 1970 USA Foot Print
Atmosphere Jazz-Rock 1980 Luxemburg CD-R / Vinyl
Atmosfera Lady Of Shalott 1977 Izrael Mio
Atoll Musiclens-Magiclens 1974 France Musea
Atoll l`Araignee — Mac 1975 France Musea
Atoll Tertio 1977 France Musea
Atoll Rock Puzzle 1979 France Musea
Atoll Live In Japan 1988 France King Rec
Atomic Rooster Same 1970 UK Repertoire
Atomic Rooster Death Walks Behind You 1971 UK Repertoire
Atomic Rooster In Hearring Of 1971 UK Repertoire
Atomic Rooster Made In England 1972 UK Repertoire
Atomic Rooster Nice`N`Greasy 1973 UK Repertoire
Atomic Rooster Live And Raw 1970/1971 UK Angel Air
Atomic Rooster The First 10 Explosive Years 2 hits UK Angel Air
Atomic Rooster Rarities hits UK Angel Air
Atomsko Skloniste Necvikaj Generacuo 1977 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Atomsko Skloniste Infarkt 1978 Yugoslavia RTV Slovenia
Attack ( pre — Andromeda ) Final Daze 1967 UK Angel Air
Attack ( pre — Andromeda ) Magic In The Air 1967 UK Aftermath
Attack ( pre — Andromeda ) About Time ( The Definitive Mod-Pop Collection ) 1967-1968 UK RPM
Attila Same 1970 USA Epic
Aubrey Small Same 1971 UK Elegy
Aucan Same / Brotes Del Alba 1977/1979 Argentina Serie Collectors
Audience Same 1969 UK Disconforme
Audience Friend’s Friend’s Friend 1970 UK No Lable
Audience House On The Hill 1971 UK Caroline
Audience Lunch 1975 UK
Auger, Brian & Oblivion Express A Better Land 1971 UK Disconforme
Auger, Brian & Oblivion Express Same 1971 UK Disconforme
Auger, Brian & Oblivion Express Second Wind 1972 UK Disconforme
Auger, Brian & Oblivion Express Closer To It 1973 UK Disconforme
Aum Bluesvibes 1969 USA Red Fox
Aum Bluesvibes 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Aum Resurrection 1969 USA Red Fox
Aunt Mary Same 1971 Norway CD-R / Vinyl
Aunt Mary Loaded 1972 Norway Philips
Aunt Mary Janus 1973 Norway PolyGram
Aunt Mary Live Reunion 1980 Norway Pan
Auracle City Slickers 1979 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Aurora Same 1977 USA Shroom
Aut’ Choise Prends Une Chance Avec Moe 1975 Canada Sony Music
Aut’ Choise Une Nuit Comme Une Autre 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Automat Same 1979 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Automatic Fine Tuning A.F.T. 1976 UK Sunrise
Automatic Man Same 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Automatic Man Same 1976 UK Lemon
Automatic Man Visitors 1977 UK Lemon
Autosalvage Same 1967 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Autumn Comes Autumn 1971 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Autumn Song For Raymondo 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Autumn Oceanworld 1977/1978 UK Autumn
Autumn Breeze Hostbris 1979 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Autumn People Same 1976 USA Radioactive
Avalanche Same 1976 CD-R / Vinyl
Avalanche Perseverance Kills Our Game 1979 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Avalon Same 1977 Canada Pacemaker
Avaric Same 1979 France Baillemont
Ave Rock Same 1974 Argentina World Wide
Ave Rock Espasios 1977 Argentina World Wide
Average White Band Show Your Hand 1973 UK Found
Average White Band AWB 1974 UK Rhino
Average White Band Cut The Cake 1975 UK Rhino
Avern Dozen, Harvey Same 1971 USA Vampi Soul
Aviary Same 1979 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Aviator Same 1979 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Av’nir Same 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Av’nir Declic 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Awakening Brand New Feeling 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Axe Music 1969 UK Kissing Spell
Axe Live & Studio 1969/1970 UK Kissing Spell
Axelrod, David The Auction 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Axelrod, David Heavy Axe 1974 UK BGO
Axiom Fool’s Gold 1970 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Axiom Archive 1969-1971 Australia
Axis Ela Ela 1971 Greece CD-R / Vinyl
Axis Same 1973 Greece
Axis It’s A Circus World 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Axcraft Dancing Madly Backwards 1974 USA Akarma
Ayers Rock Beyond… 1976 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Ayers Rock Big Red Rock 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Azabache Dies De Luna 1979 Spain Fonomusic
Azabache No, Gracias 1980 Spain Fonomusic
Azahar Elixir 1977 Spain Fonomusic
Azahar Same 1979 Spain Fonomusic
Azimuth Same 1975 Brazil Cast
Azitis Help 1970 USA Modo
Aztec Two Step Second Step 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Aztec Two Step Two’s Company 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Aztec Two Step Ajoining Suites 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Azteca Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Azteca Pyramid Of The Moon 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Aztecs Live 1971 Australia Black Rose
Aztecs Live! At Sunbury 1972 Australia Black Rose
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