Группа Название альбома Год выпуска Страна Примечание
La-De-Da’s How Is The Air Up There? 1965-1967 Australia Ascension
Labat, Vlada Same 1979 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Ladies WC Same 1970 Venezuela Souwenir
Ladies WC Same 1970 Venezuela Essex
Lady & Charlie Maucher Same / Same Germany Still Shakin
Lady June Linguistic Leprosy 1974 UK SFM
Lady Lake No Pictures 1977 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Lady Lake Unearthed Holland Musea
Laferriere, Yves Same 1978 Canada Prog Quebec
Lagger Blues Machine Complete Works 1972 Belgium Mellow
Laghonia Unglue 1967-1970 Peru Re-Psych-Led
Laghonia Etcetera 1970 Peru Background
Laghonia Glue 1969 Peru Lazarus
Laine, Denny Holly Days 1976 UK Magic
Lake Same / Paradise Island 1977/1979 Germany Sony
Lake Lake 2 1978 Germany Sony
Lamb, Kevin Who Is The Hero Hugo-Montes
Lambert & Nuttycombe At Home 1970 USA Fallout
Lancaster & The Upsetters, Pete Rhythm And Blues Show 1964-1966 Germany Bear Family
Landberk Lonely Land Sweden Laser’s Edge
Landslide Two Sides Fantasy 1972 USA Akarma
Lane, Ronnie Lucky Seven 1981 UK MMC
Lang’syne Same 1976 Germany Lost Pipe Dream
Langlois, Jerome Molignak 2005 Canada Prog Quebec
Lard Free Same 1973 France King
Lard Free I’m Around About Midnight 1975 France King
Lard Free 3 1977 France Spalax
Lard Free Unnamed 1971-1972 France Spalax
Larry Martin Factory Early Down Flyers & Electric Kids 1975 France Izason
Laser Vita Sul Pianera 1973 Italy Akarma
Last Group, Richard Get Ready 1972 Italy Akarma
Last Poets When The Revolution Comes 1970/1971 USA Rev-Ola
Last Ritual Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Last Straw Alone On A Stone 1973/1976 UK Kissing Spell
Last Thing Of My Mind Hollyground: The Works 1 1966 UK Kissing Spell
Last Words Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lasting Weep 1969-1971 1969-1971 Canada Prog Quebec
Lasting Weep Le Spectacle De L’Albatros 1976 Canada Prog Quebec
Late Songs From The Family Tree 1967=1971 UK Wooden Hill
Latte E Miele Passio Secundum Mattheum 1972 Italy Polydor
Latte E Miele Papillion Italy Polydor
Latte E Miele Aquile E Scoiattoli 1976 Italy Subteranta
Latte E Miele Marco Polo Sogni E Viagi 2009 Italy Akarma
Laurelie Same 1970 Belgium CD-R / Vinyl
Lava Tears Are Goin` Home 1973 Germany TRC
Lavender Hill Mob Same 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lavender Jane Loves Women USA CD-R / Vinyl
Launchers Free Association Japan
Law Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Law Breakin’ It 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Law Hold On To It 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lawrence, Claire ( ex-Collectors ) Leaving You Free 1973 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lawrence Band, Claire Same 1980 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lawrence, Derek Sessions — Take 1 UK Line
Lawrence, Derek Sessions — Take 2 UK Line
Lawrence, Derek Sessions — Take 3 UK Line
Lawson, Juliet ( ex-Trees ) Boo 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Laza I Pe Stizemo Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Lazarus Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lazarus Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lazarus A Fool’s Paradise 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Laxy Day Straight ‘Atcha 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lazy Farmer Same 1975 UK Sunbeam
Lazy Smoke Corridor Of Faces 1968 USA Arf! Arf!
Le Fevre, Mylon Mylon 1972 CD-R / Vinyl
Lea Riders Group Forgotten Generation 1966-1968 Sweden Garage Land Records
Leaf Hound Growers Of Mushroom 1971 UK Repertoire
Lear Same 1979 Switzerland CD-R / Vinyl
Leary, Timothy You Can Bee Anyone 1970 USA
Leathercoated Minds 1967 USA
Leaves …Are Happening ( 1st Album & Singles ) 1965-1966 USA Sundazed
Leaves All The Good That’s Happening 1967 USA One Way
Leaves All The Good That’s Happening 1967 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Leb I Sol 2 1978 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Leb I Sol 1 & 2 1978/1978 Yugoslavia T-Pics
Leb I Sol Rucni Rad / 4 1979/1980 Yugoslavia T-Pics
Leb I Sol Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Lectric Music Revolution + ( other ) Sex Same / The End Of My Life 1971/1971 Canada Virgin
Led Zeppelin Physical Rarities 1968-1971 UK Thunderbolt
Led Zeppelin Pre Zep 1964-1968 UK UK
Led Zeppelin How The West Was Won UK Atlantic
Leda Welcome To Joyland 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Lee, Arthur Vindicator 1972 UK A7M
Left Banke Walk Away Renee 1967 USA Mercury
Left Banke The Left Banke Too 1969 USA PolyGram
Left End Spoiledroven 1974 UK Walhalla
Legacy Where We Go 2000 USA Legacy
Legend Same/ Death In Nursery 1981/1982 USA Monster
Legend Same 1969 USA Fallout
Legend Same 1969 UK Repertoire
Legend Same 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Legend Red Boot Album 1971 UK Repertoire
Legend Red Boot Album / Moonshine 1971/1972 UK Mason
Legends High Towers 1967-1973 USA Arf! Arf!
Leigh Ashford Kinfolk 1971 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lemon Dips Who’s Gonna Buy 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Lemon Drops Crystal Pure 1967/1968 USA Thunderbolt
Lemon Pipers Green Tambourine 1967 USA Repertoire
Lemon Pipers Golden Classics USA Collectables
Lemon Pipers Jungle Maramalade 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Legover Wait ‘Til Night Time 1978 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Leno Same 1979 Spain BMG
Leno Mas Madera 1980 Spain BMG
Leo Nero Vero 1977 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Leonard, Deke Iceberg / Kamikaze 1973/1974 UK BGO
Leonard, Deke Before Your Very Eyes 1981 UK Point
Leonard, Deke Unfinished Business UK RGF
Leoni, I La Foresta 1971 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Les Fleur De Lys Reflections 1965-1968 UK Blueprint
Leslie’s Motel Dirty Sheets 1972 USA Ger Fab
Lettermen A new Song For Young Love USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lettermen Portrait Of My Love USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lettermen Put Your Head On My Shoulder USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lettermen Spin Away 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lethe 1981 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Levande Livet Strommers Parla 1973 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Levee Camp Moan Same 1969 UK Audio Archive
Levee Camp Moan + Peacock Farm Free Concerts 1969 UK Audio Archive
Leviathan Same 1974 USA Akarma
Levy, Martin Same Finland CD-R / Vinyl
Lewis, Mingo Flight Never Ending 1976 Foot Print
Liar Set The World On 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Liberal Religious Youth The Liberal Religious Youth Record 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Liberty Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Liberty Bell Reality Is The Only Answer 1967-1969 USA Collectables
Lidit Eitt Till Hvers…? 1975 Iceland CD-R / Vinyl
Liebman, David & Richard Beirach Forgotten Fantasies 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lied Des Teufels Same 1973 Germany OHR WASHL
Libra Musica & Parole 1975 Italy BMG
Libra Schock 1979 Italy Cunevox
Life Same 1970 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Life Same 1970/1972 Sweden Mellotronen
Life Spring 1971 Germany Long Hair
Life After Life Same 1985 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Lift Caverns Of Your Brain 1974 USA Syn-Phonic
Lift ( Two Other Groups ) The Moment Of Hearing 1973 USA Lift Sounds Now
Lift Meeresfahrt 1978 DDR CD-R / Vinyl
Light Turn On… The Night 1967 USA UT Records
Light The Story Of Moses 1972 Holland Estrella Rockera
Light The Story Of Moses 1972 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Light Of Darkness Same 1972 Germany Second Battle
Lightdreams Islands In Space 1981 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse Same 1969 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse Suite Feeling 1969 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse Peacing It All Together 1970 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse One Fine Morning 1971 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse Sunny Days 1972 Canada Edsel
Lighthouse Thoughts Of Movin’ On 1971 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse Live 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse Can You Feel It 1973 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse Can You Feel It 1973 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lighthouse Good Day 1974 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lightning Same 1969 USA Anthology
Lightshine Feeling 1976 Germany Garden Of Delight
Lilac Angels I’m Not Afraid To Say Yes 1973 Germany SPM
Liliental Same 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Lily V.C.U. ( We See You ) 1973 Germany Garden Of Delight
Limbus Cosmic Music Experience 1969 Germany Germanofon
Limbus Mandalas 1970 Germany Spalax
Limey Same 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Limousine Same 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lincoln Street Exit Drive it 1970 USA TRC
Lindisfarne Nicely Out Of Tune 1970 UK Virgin
Lindenberg, Udo Daumen I’m Wind 1972 Germany Telefunken
Lindner & Bohn Vollbedienung Of Percussion Germany Germanofon
Lindquist, Freddy Menu 1970 Norway CD-R / Vinyl
Lindquist, Freddy Menu 1970 Norway Pan
Lindholm & Orfeus, Isokyna Lillan 1974 Finland Love
Lindsten, Ralph Shangri — La CD-R / Vinyl
Lindwurm Im Windsclatten 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Linhart, Buzzy Buzzy 1968 USA Fallout
Linhart, Buzzy Same 1972 USA Unidisc
Linn County Proudflesh Soothseer 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Linn County Proudflesh Soothseer 1968 USA Foot Priest
Linn County Fever Shot 1969 USA Foot Print
Linn County Till Break Of Dawn 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lions Many Sides Of Lions 1963-1966 Denmark Rock-in-Beat
Liquid Smoke Same 1969 USA Infinity
Liquorice John Death ( Procol Harum ) Ain’t Nothin’ To Get Excited About 1970 UK Repertoire
Lirio De Vidro Same 1978/1979 Brazil Medusa
Lisker Same 1979 Spain Elkarlanean
Listening Same 1968 USA Akarma
Lito Vitale Un Dia Antes De Ayer Argentina Ciclo 3
Litto Nebia ( & Huinca ) Despertemos En America / Same 1972 Argentina Record Runner
Litter Distortions / $ 100 Fine 1967/1968 USA Eva
Litter $100 Fine 1968 USA Arf! Arf!
Litter Emerge 1969 USA Witch & Warlock
Little Boy Blues In The Woodlad Of Weir 1966-1971 USA Acid Symposium
Little Boy Blues In The Woodlad Of Weir 1966-1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Little Feat Sailin’ Shoes 1972 USA WB
Little Free Rock Same 1969 UK Won-Sin
Little Free Rock Time Is Of Now Consequence 1969-1971 UK SPM
Little River Band Same 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Live Same 1974 Germany Garden Of Delights
Live Gevelsberg 1975? Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Liverpool Marcelo Zona Sul 1970 Brazil CD-R / Vinyl
Liverpool Por Favor Sucesso / Marcelo Zona Sul 1969/1970 Brazil Sunny Pierrot
Liverpool Echo Same 1973 UK Rev-Ola
Liverpool Express Tracks 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Liverpool Five Arrive / Out Of Sight 1964-196? USA Rockin’ Beat
Liverpool Scene St. Adrian And Co. 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Liverpool Scene Amazing Adventures / Bread Of The
Night / Cash With Bandleader 1968/1969 UK BGO
Liverpool Scene Recollections 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Livin End Unreleased Texas Garage Sound 1960’s USA Collectables
Living Force Same 1977 New Zeland CD-R / Vinyl
Living Life From Experience To Experience 1978 Italy Mellow
Living Life Mysterious Dream Italy Mellow
Living Music To Allen Ginsberg 1972 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Lizard Bad Companions 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Load Have Mercy 1977 USA Laser’s Edge
Load Praise The Load 1976 USA Laser’s Edge
Loading Zone Same 1968 USA Arcadia
Loading Zone Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Loadstone Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Locanda Delle Fate Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Pui 1977 Italy Polydor
Locksley Hall Same 1969-1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Locomotive We Are Everything You See 1970 UK Si-Wan
Locurcio, Emilio L’Eliogabalo 1978 Italy MP
Locust Playgue 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lodestone Main Street CD-R / Vinyl
Logan Dwight Same 1972 Italy
Lokomotive Kreuzberg James Blond 1971 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Lokomotive Kreuzberg Kollege Klatt 1972 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Lokomotive Kreuzberg Fette Jahre 1975 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Lokomotive Kreuzberg Mountain Town 1977 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Lollypop Shoppe Just Colour 1968 USA Flash
Lomax, Jackie Is This What You Want ? 1969 UK EMI
Lomax, Jackie Three 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Lomax, Jackie Livin For Lovin 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
London, Jack & The Sparrows Same 1965 USA Radioactive
Lone Star Grandes Grupos De Los 60 Lonne Star 1963-1969 Spain EMI Odeon
Lone Star Same 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Lone Star Riding High UK Zoom Club
Long Hello Vol.1 1973 UK Zomart
Long Hello Vol.2 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers Do You Remember 1972-1977 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers Meet he Monsters 1979 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Longdancer If It Was So Smile 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Longdancer Trailer For A Good Life 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Looking Glass Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Looking Glass Subway Serenade 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Loose Roads Two UK Kissing Spell
Loot Singles A’s & B’s 1966-1969 UK Radioactive
Lopande Bandet Same 1972 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Lorber Orchestra, Alan The Lotus Palace 1967 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lord Flimnap Point Of Biew 1970 Izrael SPM
Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends Hands Of Jack The Ripper 1971 UK Line
Lords The Essential Germany Capitol
Lords Ulleogamaxbe 1969 Germany Repertoire
Lost Early Recordings, Demos, Acoustic & Live 1965-1966 USA Arf! Arf!
Lost And Found Forever Lasting Plastic Words 1969 USA EVA
Lost Gonzo Band Thrills 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lost Nation Paradise Lost 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lothar & The Hand People This Is It, Machines 1968/1968 USA SFM
Lothar & The Hand People Space Hymn / presenting 1968/1969 USA Acadia
Lotus Complete Fuitage 1997 Sweden Record Heaven
Lotus Same 1974 Sweden Spalax
Lotus Vera O’Flera 1975 Sweden Duck Your Music
Loudest Whisper The Children Of Lir 1973 UK Kissing Spell
Loudest Whisper 2 1974 UK Kissing Spell
Loudest Whisper Maiden Of Sorrow 1975 UK Kissing Spell
Lougarou Same Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Love Da Capo 1967 USA Elektra
Love Out Here 1969 USA One Way
Love Four Sail 1969 USA Elektra
Love Forever Changer 1967 USA
Love Real To Real 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lovecraft Valley Of The Moon 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lovecraft Valley Of The Moon 1970 USA Wounded Bird
Lovecraft We Love You ( Whoever You Are ) 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Love Affair The Everlasting Love Affair ( 1st & 2nd Albums ) 1968/1970 UK Columbia
Love Affair No Strings 1966-1969 UK Angel Air
Love Affair New Day 1971 UK Repertoire
Love Affair / Ellis Singles A’s & B’s 1966-1971 UK Acadia
Love Depression Same 1969 Venezuela Shadoks
Love Exchange Same 1968 USA Sundazed
Love Explosion Basta Latar 1971 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Love Generation Best Of 1968 USA Rev-Ola
Love Is A Heart — On Same 1972 USA Cosmic Daze
Love Live Life Love Will Make A Better You 1970 Japan King Rec
Love Sculpture Blues Helping 1968 UK EMI
Love Sculpture Forms & Feelings 1970 UK EMI
Love Sculpture Singles A’s & B’s 1967-1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Love Sculpture BBC Top Gear 1968-1969 UK Titopuente
Loved Ones Magic Box 1967 Australia PolyGram
Lovin` Spoonful Do You Believe In Magic / Hums 1965/1967 USA Replay
Lovin` Spoonful Daydream 1971 USA Castle
Loving Awareness Same 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Loy & Altomare Portobello 1973 Italy Urlo
Loy & Altomare Chiaro 1974 Italy Urlo
Loyde, Lobby Obsecration 1972 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Loyde, Lobby Plays With George Guitar 1971 Australia Vicious Sloth
Lucas, Tom Red Letter Day 1975 USA Radioactive
Lucifer Same 1997 Japan Jaspac
Lucifer Same 1970 USA Akarma
Lucifer Was Underground & Beyond 1971 Sweden Record Heaven
Lucifer Was Blues From Hellah 1983/1984 Sweden Transubstans
Lucifer Was In Anadi`s Bower Sweden Record Heaven
Lucifer`s Friend Same 1970 Germany Repertoire
Lucifer`s Friend Sneak Mein 1980 Germany WEH
Lumbee Overdose 1970 USA Ger Fab
Luna Same 1976 Italy
Lund, Garrett Almost Grown 1975 UK World In Sound
Lutha Same 1971 New Zeland CD-R / Vinyl
Lutha Earth 1973 New Zeland CD-R / Vinyl
Luv Machine Same 1971 UK SPM
Luz Y Fuerza We Can Fly 1971 Mexico CD-R / Vinyl
Luv’d Ones Truth Gotta Stand 1966-1968 USA Sundazed
Lyd Thorns 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Lyd Same USA Akarma
Lynx Sneak Attack 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Lyonesse Contique 1975 France CD-R / Vinyl
Lyonesse Tristan DE Lyonesse 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Lux, Kaz Distance 1978 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Lux, Kaz A Voice 1979 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
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