Группа Название альбома Год выпуска Страна Примечание
MC 5 Thunder Express 1972 USA Skydog
M.O.T.U.S. Machines Of The Universal Space 1972 France CD-R / Vinyl
MacArthur 1973 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
MacDonald, Gavin Lins 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Machiavel Same 1976 Belgium Spalax
Machiavel Mechanical Moonbeams 1978 Belgium Spalax
Machiavel Urban Games 1979 Belgium Spalax
Machin Tout Folkant 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Machin Rales Folk 1978 France CD-R / Vinyl
Machiavel Virtual Sun 1999 Belgium Musea
Machine Same 1970 Holland Synton
Mack, Lonnie Home At Last 1977 USA One Way
MacKay, Duncan Chimera 1974 S.Africa CD-R / Vinyl
MacKay, Duncan Score 1976 S.Africa CD-R / Vinyl
Mackenzie Theory Out Of The Blue 1973 Australia Mushroom
Mackenzie Theory Bon Voyage 1974 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Maclean, Brian If You Believer In USA Sundazed
Mac’s G.G, Session / Kaleidoscope Men 1967/1967 Rock-in-Beat
Mad Same 1972 Greece CD-R / Vinyl
Mad Cats Same 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Mad Curry Same 1970 Belgium CD-R / Vinyl
Mad Dog Down On The Seventh USA RD Records
Mad Dog Same 1977 USA Mr.Nobody
Mad River Same / Paradise Bar & Grill 1968-1969 USA Collector’s Choice
Mad River Same 1968 USA Edsel
Madden & Harris Fool’s Paradise 1970 Australia M2U
Maddeerlake Stillpoint 1975 Australia Mushroom
Madderlake Butterfly Farm 1973 Australia Mushroom
Madderlake Best 1978 Australia Mushroom
Made In Brazil Same 1974 RCA Brazil
Made In Germany Same 1971-1974 Germany Long Hair
Made In Sweden Snakes In A Hole 1969 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Made In Sweden Snakes In A Hole 1969 Sweden Hugo-Montes
Made In Sweden Made In England 1970 Sweden Universal
Made In Sweden Live At The Golden Circle 1970 Sweden Sonet
Made In Sweden Where Do We Begin 1976 Sweden Love
Made In Sweden With Love 1968 Sweden Sonet
Made In Sweden Mad River 1971 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Madison Dyke Zeitmaschine 1977 Germany Set
Madison Dyke Zeitmaschine 1977 Germany Garden Of Delight
Madore, Michael La Chambre Nuptiale 1979 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Madrigal School Of Time 1978 France CD-R / Vinyl
Madrugada Same 1974 Italy Vinyl Magic
Madrugada Incastro 1977 Italy Vinyl Magic
Madura Same 1971 USA Walhalla
Madura 2 1973 USA Foot Print
Maelstorm Same 1973 USA Black Moon
Magdalith Same 1974 France CD-R / Vinyl
Magdeburg Same 1980 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Magenta Same 1974 Belgium CD-R / Vinyl
Magenta Recollections 1981 UK Hugo-Montes
Magi Win Or Lose 1972 USA Radioactive
Magic Same 1969 USA Ger Fab
Magic Bubble Same 1969 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Magic Carpet Same 1971 UK Magic Carpet
Magic Dayze Same 1978-1992 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Magic Lanterns Shame Shame 1967-1971 UK BR Music
Magic Lanterns Shame Shame 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Magic Mixture This Is… 1968 UK Flash
Magic Mixture This Is… 1968 UK Skyf Zol
Magic Muscle Laughs & Thrills ( Live 1972 ) 1972 UK SPM
Magic Sand Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Magic Ship Same 1968 USA Afterglow
Magic Ship Complete Recordings 1966-1970 USA Ger Fab
Magical Power Maco Super Record Japan Radioactive
Magical Power Maco Music From Heaven Japan
Magma Rock Duo 1975 Germany Garden Of Delight
Magma Canto Para Una Consagracion / La Tranformacion 1982/1985 Argentina Record Runnr
Magna Carta Songs From Wasties Orchard 1971 UK
Magnificent Men Better Than A Ten Cent 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Magyar Uusin Maiseminn 1974 Finland Love
Mahjun Same 1973 France Mantra
Mahjun Happy French Band 1977 France Spalax
Mahogany Same 1969 UK Walhalla
Mahogany Rush Maxoom/ Childe../ Strange Universe 1973-1975 Canada Big Beat
Mahogany Rush Maxoom 1973 Canada BOD
Mahogany Rush Child Of The Novelty 1974 Canada Repertoire
Mahogany Rush Strange Universe 1975 Canada Repertoire
Mailer Mackenzie Band Same 1971 CD-R / Vinyl
Main Attraction And Now… The Main Attraction 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mainchild One 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mainhorse Airline The Geneya Tapes 1969-1970 UK ORK
Mainhorse Same 1971 UK Free
Mainline Bump’N’Grind Reviue ( Live At The Victory Theatre ) 1972 Canada Akarma
Mairs, Julie & Chris Stowell Soft Sea Blue 1977 UK Kissing Spell
Major Arcana Same 1976 USA Radioactive
Majority One Same 1971 UK Synton
Malachi Holy Music 1966 USA Fallout
Malachi Same 1972 Belgium CD-R / Vinyl
Malaria Same 1970 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Malicorne Same 1974 France CD-R / Vinyl
Malicorne Same 1974 France Hexagone
Malicorne 2 1975 France Hexagone
Malicorne Almanach 1976 France Hexagone
Malicorne Le Bestiaire 1979 France Yacoub
Mallard In A Different Climate 1977 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Mallard Same / In A Different Climate 1975/1977 UK Virgin
Mama Lion Preserve Wildlife / Give It Everything I’ve Got 1972/1973 USA Picar
Mama Lion Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mama Lion Give It Everything I’ve Got 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mama’s Pride Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mammut Same 1971 Germany OHR WASHL
Man Revelation 1969 UK Repertoire
Man 20zs Of Plastic… 1969 UK Repertoire
Man Do You Like It Here Now 1971 UK Eagle
Man Be Good To Yourself At.. 1972 UK BGO
Man Back in To The Future 1973 UK BGO
Man Rhinos, Winos & Lunaties 1974 UK BGO
Man Slow Motion 1974 UK BGO
Man Live In London — live 1975 UK Point
Man Maximum Darkness — live 1975 UK BGO
Man All`s Well That Ends Well- live 1976 UK Point
Man Live At The Padget Rooms- live 1972 UK BGO
Man Greasy Truckers Party 1972 UK Point
Man Friday 13th 1983 UK Line
Man Rare Man UK Point
Man The Twang Dynasty 1993 UK Point
Man Undrugged UK Point
Man Live ( Official Bootleg ) 1994 UK Point
Man Made Same 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Manal Same 1970 Argentina Columbia
Manal Chronologia 1970-1972 Argentina BMG
Manar Same 1971 Iceland Skifan
Manar Same 1971 Iceland Islenskit Tonar
Mandala Soul Crusade 1967-1969 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Mandel, Harvey Cristo Redenter 1968 USA Raven
Mandel, Harvey Righteous / Games Guitars Play 1969/1970 USA BGO
Mandel, Harvey Electronic Progress 1971 USA Mason
Mandel, Harvey Strangrenade/ Fell The Sound.. 1973/1974 USA Akarma
Mandel, Harvey Planetary Warrior 1997 USA Viceroy
Mandel, Harvey Baby Batter 1971 USA BGO
Mandel, Harvey Get Off In Chicago 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mandrake Same 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mandrake Memorial Same 1968 USA Collectables
Mandrake Memorial Medium 1969 USA Collectables
Mandrake Paddle Steamer Same 1971 UK Forgotten Jewels
Mandragora Over The Moon 1988 CD-R / Vinyl
Mandrill Same 1971 USA Collectables
Mandrill Is 1972 USA Collectables
Mandrill Composite Truth 1972 USA Collectables
Mandrill Just Outside Of Town 1973 USA Miracle
Manduka Same 1979 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Maneige Same 1975 Canada Prog Quebec
Maneige Same 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Maneige Les Porches 1975 Canada Prog Quebec
Maneige Les Porches 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Maneige Live A L’eveche 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Maneige Ni Vent…Ni Nouvelle 1977 Canada Kozak
Maneige Libre Service 1978 Canada Kozak
Maneige Montreal 6 AM / Composite 1980 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Mangrove Als De Wind Waait 1976 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Mann, Manfred Album / My Little Red Book 1964 /1965 UK Collectables
Mann, Manfred As Is 1966 UK Fontana
Mann, Manfred Pretty Flamingo / The Five Faces … UK Collectables
Mann, Manfred Mann Made 1964-1966 UK EMI
Mann, Manfred Mighty Garvey 1968 UK Fontana
Mann, Manfred Mann Made Hits 1965 UK EMI
Mann, Manfred The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann 1964 UK EMI
Mann, Manfred Up The Junction 1968 UK RPM
Mann’s Chapter Three, Manfred Volume 1 1969 UK Creature
Mann’s Chapter Three, Manfred Volume 2 1970 UK Creature
Mangione, Chuck Friends & Love 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mani, Le Same 1976 Italy
Mann, Herbie Push Push 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mann, Shadow Come Live With Me USA CD-R / Vinyl
Manna Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Manning Same 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Manning, Phil I Wish The Was Away 1974 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Mantis Turn On To Music 1973 New Zeland CD-R / Vinyl
Mantra Take It ! 1980 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Mans Mossa Same 1979 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Maphia Hand I’m Gluck 1974 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Maple Oak Same 1970 UK Elegy
Magenta Recollections Hugo-Montes
Maquina Why? 1970 Spain PDI
Maquina En Durecto 1972 Spain PDI
Maquina Funciona 1976 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Maquina De Hacer Pajaros Same 1975 Argentina Microfon
Maquina De Hacer Pajaros Peliculas 1977 Argentina Microfon
Marakesh Same 1976 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Maranatha Soon… 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Marble Phrogg Same 1968 USA
Marbles Same 1970 UK Repertoire
Marbles Same 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Marcel Dreams Consumed 1971 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Marcus ( Feat. Rusty Evans ) Same 1970 USA Collectables
Marcus From The House Of Trax / Live Video 1978/1979 UK World In Sound
Marcus ( feat. Tim Bogert ) Same 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Maria Same 1976 Japan Made In Japan
Mariah Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mariani Perpetuum Mobile 1970 USA Akarma
Marie Cheleste And Then Perhars 1971 UK Audio Archive
Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush What’s Next 1980 Canada Black Rose
Marino, Frank Power Of Rock’n’roll 1981 Canada Black Rose
Marino, Frank Jaggernaut 1982 Canada Black Rose
Maripol Femme De Sable Et D’eau 1978 France CD-R / Vinyl
Mark — Almond 1 1971 UK Line
Mark — Almond 2 1972 UK Line
Mark — Almond Rising 1973 UK Line
Mark — Almond 1973 ( Live & Studio ) 1973 UK Line
Mark — Almond To The Heart 1976 UK One Way
Markley A Group 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Markley A Group 1969 USA Acid Symposium
Marcus Hook Roll Band Tales Of Old Grand — Daddy 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Markusfeld, Alain Le Monde En Etages / Le Son Tombe Du Siel 1970/1971 France CD-R / Vinyl
Markusfeld, Alain Le Desert Noir 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Markusfeld, Alain Contemporus 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Markusfeld, Alain Platock 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Marmalade BBC Sessions 1967-1969 UK BBC
Marseille Same 1979 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Marseille Touch The Night 1984 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Marshall Brothers Band Same 1975 Australia Radioactive
Marshall Tucker Band Same 1973 USA Shout
Marshall Tucker Band A New Life 1974 USA AJK
Marshall Tucker Band Where We All Belong 1974 USA Point
Marshall Tucker Band Search For Rainbow 1975 USA Repertoire
Marshall Tucker Band Carolina Dreams 1977 USA AJK
Marshmallow Overcoat Try On / Inner Groove USA Collectables
( Marshmallow ) Overcoat All You Need Is Fuzz 1987-1993 USA Collectables
Marsupilami Same 1970 UK Line
Marsupilami Same 1970 UK Won-Sin
Marsupilami Arena 1971 UK Music Scene
Marsupilami Arena 1971 UK Won-Sin
Martin Circus En Direct Du Rock’n’Roll Circus 1969/1970 France Magic
Martin Circus Acte 2 1971 France BMG
Martin Circus Singles 69-74 1969-1974 France Magic
Martin Factory, Larry Early Down Flyers & Electric Kids 1975 France Izason
Maru & Mikael Destination Nowhere 1975 Finland Hi-Hat
Marvin, Hank & John Farrar Same 1973 UK
Marwin, Brett & The Thunderbolts Alias Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurus 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Mary Butterworth Same 1969 USA QCCS Productions
Mary Butterworth + ( other ) Flow Same / Same 1969 /1972 USA QCCS Productions
Marz The Dream Is Love 1972 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Maschera Di Cera, La Same Italy
Mascots Ellpee Radioactive
Maschera Di Cera, La Same Italy
Mashmakhan Same / The Family 1970/1971 Canada Black Rose
Mashmakhan Same 1969 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Mashmakhan Family Cracks 1970 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Maskers, De Sensations In Sound! 1966 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Mason Harbour 1971 USA Ger Fab
Mason Proffit Rockfish Crossing 1972 USA One Way
Mason Proffit Bare Back Rider 1973 USA One Way
Mason Proffit Come & Gone 1974 USA Line
Masala Dosa Same 1977 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Masked Marauders Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mass Back To The Music 1976 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Mass Media Opacita Scura 1978 Italy Electromantic
Master`s Apprentices Choise Cuts/Toast To Panama Red 1970/1971 Australia BOD
Master`s Apprentices Nickelodeon 1972 Australia TRC
Master`s Apprentices Do What You Wanna Do 1970/1971 Australia Virgin
Master`s Apprentices Now That It`s Over hits Australia Virgin
Master`s Apprentices Toast To Panama Red 1971 Australia Ascension
Master’s Apprentices Masterpiece 1970 Australia Ascension
Master’s Apprentices Same / Choice Cuts 1967/1970 Australia EMI
Mastermind Excelsior ! 1999 SPV
Masters Of Deceit Same 1969 Vanguard USA
Matadors Same 1966-1968 Czechia Bonton
Matching Mole Same 1972 UK
Matching Mole Smoke Signals 1972 UK
Matching Mole March 1972 UK Cuneiform
Materia Gris Oh Perra Vida De Beto 1972 Argentina Mardel X
Matrix Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Matthew’s Southern Comfort Later That Same Year 1969 UK Line
Matthew’s Southern Comfort First 1970 UK Line
Matthew’s Southern Comfort Same / Second Spring 1970/1971 UK BGO
Matthews, Ian Sealin Home 1978 UK Line
Matthews, Ian Siamese 1979 UK Line
Matthews, Ian Discreet Repeat 1980 UK Line
Max Webster Same ( =Hangover ) 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Max Webster Hangover 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Max Webster High Class In Borrowed Shoes 1977 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Max Webster Mutiny Up My Sleeve 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Max Webster Diamonds Diamonds 1975-1980 Canada Ma Ga Da
Max Webster Magnetic Air 1976-1979 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Max Webster A Million Vacations 1979 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Max Webster Universal Juveniles 1980 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Maxfield Parrish It`s A Cinch To Give 1972 USA Taxim
Maximillian Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Maximum Load Same 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Maxophone Same 1976 Italy Mellow
Maxwell Plumm We Can Work It Out 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Maxwells Maxwell Street 1969 Denmark Long Hair
May Blitz Same 1970 UK Repertoire
May Blitz The 2nd Of May 1971 UK Repertoire
Maya Same Bolivia CD-R / Vinyl
Mayall, John Bluesbreaking 1965 UK 3 BR
Mayall, John The Blues Alone 1967 UK London
Mayall, John Blues From Laurel Canyon 1968 UK Deram
Mayall, John Bare Wires 1968 UK DEram
Mayall, John A Hard Road 1968 UK London
Mayall, John The Last Of British Blues 1968 UK One Way
Mayall, John Memories 1971 UK Polydor
Mayall, John Thru The Years 1971 UK Deram
Mayall, John Roadshow 1982 UK Thunderbolt
Mayall, John Chicago Line 1988 UK Gala
Mayday Anything Else 1975 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Mayfly Same 1973 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Maypole Same 1970 USA Radioactive
Maze Armageddon 1968 USA Sundazed
McAuley, Jackie Same 1971 UK Prog. Line
McBride, Bob Butterfly Days 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
McBride, Bob Sea Of Dreams 1973 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
McBride, Bob Same Canada CD-R / Vinyl
McBride, Bob Here To Sing 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
McChurch Soundroom Delusion 1971 Germany OHR WASHL
McCoys Hang On Sloopy / You Make Me Feel 1965/1967 UK Repertoire
McCully Workshop Inc Same 1975 S.Africa Beatball
McDonald & Sherby Catharsis 197? USA Radioactive
McDonough, Megan Scetches 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
McEvoy, Johnny Wiyh An Eye To Your Ear 1968 UK CD-R / Vinyl
McGuffey Lane Same 1980 USA CD-R / Vinyl
McGuinnes Flint Malt & Barley Blues 1970/1971 UK Hux
McGuinnes Flint The Capitol Years ( 1st & 2nd Albums ) 1970/1971 UK Capitol
McGuinnes Flint Happy Birthday Ruthy Baby 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
McGuinnes Flint Lo And Behold 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
McGuinnes Flint Rainbow 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
McGuinnes Flint C’est La Vie 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
McGuire, Barry Anthology 1964-1965 USA One Way
McKay Same 1978 USA OR Records
McKendree Spring Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
McKendree Spring Second Thoughts 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
McKendree Spring Spring Suite 1973 UK Line
McKendree Spring Tracks 1973 UK Line
McKendree Spring Too Young To Feel This Old 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
McKendree Spring God Bless The Conspiracy 1970-1973 UK Edsel
McKenna Mendelson Blues 1968 Canada Pacemaker
McKenna Mendelson Stink 1969 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Mcluham Anomaly 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
McNamara, Trevor Yeah Captain 1969 Australia World In Sound
McOil All Our Hopes 1979 Germany Garden Of Delight
McQueen «Bullitt», Steve Music From The Motion Picture USA Warner Bros
McPhee Same 1971 Australia Vicious Sloth
McPherson, Gillian Poets And Painters And Performers Of Blues Hugo-Montes
Mecki Mark Men Same 1967 Sweden Universal
Mecki Mark Men Running In The Summer Night 1969 Sweden Universal
Mecki Mark Men Marathon 1970 Sweden Universal
Mecki Mark Men Flyin High 1979 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Medina Azahara Same / La Esquina Del Viento / Andalucia 1979-198? Spain Ramalama
Medina Azahara La Esquina Del Vento / Andalucia 1980/198? Spain Sony
Medicine Head New Bottles Old Medicine 1970 UK SPM
Medicine Head Two Man Band 1976 UK Angel Air
Medicine Head Heavy On The Drum 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Medicine Head One & One Is One 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Medicine Head Dark Side Of The Moon 1972 UK Polydor
Medicine Head Thruu A Five 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Medicine Head Same hits UK Polydor
Mediterraneo John Manuel Serrat’s Mediterraneo 1971 Spain BMG Ariola
Medium Same 1969 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Medousa Medousing 1979 Nor / Greece CD-R / Vinyl
Mega Trip Same 1978 Germany Coloured Rain
Megaton Same 1971 UK Flying Scud
Megaton Same 1971 UK Mason
Meighan Band, Bob The Dancer 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Melancton Same 19? Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Melimelum Same 1976 Argentina Sony
Melissa Midnight Trampoline 1971 Australia Vicious Sloth
Mellonta Tauta Same 1978 Italy Mellow
Mellow Candle The Virgin Prophet 1972 Ireland Kissing Spell
Mellow Candle Swadding Songs 1972 Ireland SFM
Melmoth La Devanture Des Ivresses 1969 France Mantra
Melodic Energy Commission Moon Phase Compendium 1978-1980 Canada Vapor
Melody Come Fly With Me 1976 France CD-R / Vinyl
Melody Yesterlife 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Memoriance Et Apres 1976 France CD-R / Vinyl
Memoriance L’Ecume Des Jours 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Mendelbaum Live + Studio 1969/1970 USA Shadoks
Mendoza Same 1972 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Mephistopheles ( Paul Gaffey ) Same 1975 Australia Mason
Mephistopheles ( Paul Gaffey ) Same 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Merkin Music From The Merkin Manor 1972 USA Ger Fab
Merlin Same 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Merlin Same 1980 Argentina Mardel X
Mersmak Liten Groda I Stor Damm 1978 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Merritt, Max Out Of The Blue 1976 New Zeland CD-R / Vinyl
Merritt, Max & The Meteors Stray Cats 1970 New Zeland CD-R / Vinyl
Merry Airbrakes Same USA Shadoks
Merry-Go-Round Listen,Listen:The Definitive Collection 1966-1969 USA Rev-Ola
Merryweather Same 1969 USA Retro Disc
Merryweather World Of Mouth 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Merryweather A Carey Ivar Avenue Reunion 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Merryweather, Neil — John Richardson & Boers Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Merryweather, Neil Space Rangers 1974 USA TRC
Merryweather, Neil Space Rangers 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Merryweather, Neil Kryptonite 1975 USA GTR
Merryweather, Neil Differences 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Merryweather, Neil & Linn Carey Vacuum Cleaner 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Merryweather, Neil & Linn Carey Vacuum Cleaner 1971 USA Retro Disc
Merseys A&B Sides, Rarities & More 1964-1968 UK Oxford
Merseybeats Anthology 1963-1965 UK Spectrum Music
Message The Dawn Anew Is Comigng 1972 Germany Bellaphon
Message From Books And Dreams 1973 Germany Bellaphon
Message Same 1975 Germany Prog. Line
Message Same 1975 Germany Telefunken
Message Using The Head 1977 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Messengers First Message 1975 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Messengers Incorporated Soulful Proclamation 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Metabolisme Tempus Fugit 1977 France Musea
Metamorfosi E Fu il Sesto Giorno 1972 Italy Vinyl Magic
Metamorfosi Inferno 1973 Italy Vinyl Magic
Metamorphosis Dynamic Arena 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Methuselah ( pre-Amazing Blondel ) Matthew,Mark,Luke & John 1969 UK Lizard
Metropolis Same 1974 Germany Germanofon
Mezquita Recuerdos De Mi Tierra 1979 Spain Si-Wan
Mezquita Los Califas Del Rock 1981 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Mia Cornonstipienm 1978 Argentina Ciclo
Mia Transparencias 1977 Argentina Ciclo
Mia Magicos Fuegos Del Tiempo 1977 Argentina Ciclo
Micah I’m Only One Man 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Michaelangelo One Voice Many 1971 USA Fallout
Michaelangelo A Sorcerer’s Dream 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Michaels, Lee Live 1973 USA One Way
Mika Band ( ex-Sadistic Mika Band ) Live In London Japan CD-R / Vinyl
Miklagard Same 1978 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Middle Of The Road The Collection 1970-1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Midnight Circus Same 1972 Germany CMP
Midnight Sun Same 1971 Denmark Black Rose
Midnight Sun Walking Circles/ Midnight Dr.. 1972 Denmark Free
Midnight Well Same 1977 Ireland Mulligan
Midsommar Same 1974 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Midsommar Belsebub Ar Los 1972 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Midwinter The Waters Of Sweet Sorrows 1973 UK Kissing Spell
Might Of Coincidence The Birth Of Might Of Coincidence 1972 Switzerland CD-R / Vinyl
Mighty Babe Same 1969 UK Big Beat
Mighty Babe A Jug Of Love 1971 UK Flash
Mighty Kong All I Wanna Do Is Rock 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Miguel Y El Comite/Limonada/ 1970-1972 Uruguay Sondor
Mike Suart Span Timespan 1968 USA Wooden Hill
Miles Martin Folk Group Same 1971 UK Audio Archive
Milestones Emigration 1971/1972 Holland PCD
Milkweed Same 1978 Canada AR
Milkwood Tapestry Same 1969 USA Ger Fab
Mill Valley Bunch Casting Pearls 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Millennium Begin 1968 Canada Rev-Ola
Miller, Leith Corbet & Friends Reflections Of A Pioneer 1970 Australia Vicious Sloth
Mills Cockell, John Third Testament 1974 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Min Bul Same 1970 Norway CD-R / Vinyl
Min Bul Same 1970 Norway Universal
Mind Doctors On The ThresholdOf Reality 1975 UK Kissing Spell
Mind Garage Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mind Garage The Electric Liturgy 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mindbenders ( Wayne Fontana’s ) Same / With Woman In Mind 1966/1967 UK BGO
Mindbenders ( Wayne Fontana’s ) Same / It’s Wayne 1964/1964 UK BGO
Mindbenders ( Wayne Fontana’s ) Same 1965-1967 UK Rock-In-Beat
Ministry Twitched 1985 USA Radioactive
Minju High Speed Kindergarten 1977 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Minju Moon You 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Minotaurus Fly Away 1977 Germany Lost Pipe Dream
Minotaurus Fly Away 1978 Germany Garden Of Delight
Mint Tatto Vampire Symphony 1968 USA Akarma
Mirage You Can’t Be Serious 1966-1969 UK MR1
Mirage Now You See It…. 1977 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Mirkwood Same 1973 UK Thors Hammer
Mirror Daybreak 1976 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Mirthrandir For You The Old Women 1975 USA Sym-Phonic
Missin Link Nevergreen 1972 Germany Living In The Past
Missing Links Driving You Insane 1965-1966 Australia Half A Cow
Mississippi Same 1972 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Mississippi Naturally ( A Compilation ) 1970’s Australia Bootleg
Missouri Welcome To Missouri 1979 USA Retro Disc
Missus Beastly Nora Asst Incense 1970 Germany Germanofon
Missus Beastly Same 1970 Germany Garden Of Delight
Missus Beastly Same 1974 Germany Germanofon
Missus Beastly Bremen 1974 1974 Germany Garden Of Delight
Missus Beastly Dr.Aftershave & The Mixed Pickles 1976 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Missus Beastly Spaceguerilla 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Missus Beastly ( Another Group ) Volkmusic 1972 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Missus Beastly ( Another Group ) Im Garten Des Schweigens ( Superrock ) 1973 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Mistress New Crowd CD-R / Vinyl
Misunderstood The Lost Acetates 1965/1966 UK/USA UT Records
Misunderstood Before The Dream Faded 1966-1968 UK/USA Cherry Red
Misunderstood Legendary Gold Star / Golden Glass 1966/1969 UK/USA Cherry Red
Misunderstood Golden Glass 1969 UK/USA Get Back
Misunderstood Broken Road UK/USA Cherry Red
Mithras For We Trade In Fun 1976 UK Kissing Spell
Mizutani, Kimio A Path Through Haze 1971 Japan Polydor
Mladi Levi Antologija 1967-1970 Yugoslavia Sazas
Mlinarec, Drago A Ti Se Ne Daj 1971 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Mlinarec, Drago Pjesme S Planine 1971 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Moas Ark Jomfrutur 1980 Norway CD-R / Vinyl
Mob The Heritage Session 1970-1972 USA Edsel
Mob Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moby Dick Same 1973 Italy Akarma
Moby Grape Same 1967 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moby Grape Same 1967 USA Edsel
Moby Grape Wow 1968 USA San Francisco Sound
Moby Grape Grape Jam 1968 USA Sundazed
Moby Grape Moby Grape 69 1969 USA Sundazed
Moby Grape Moby Grape 69 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moby Grape Tully Fine Citizen 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moby Grape Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moby Grape 20 Granite Creek 1971 USA Line
Moby Grape Live Grape 1979 USA Line
Moby Grape Vintage ( hits ) 1966 USA Columbia
Mocassin Same USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mock Duck Same 1968 USA Ger Fab
Modern Music Band Same 1972 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Modesty Blase Face Of The 1990 Holland SPM
Modry Efekt Meditage 1969 Czechia Bonton
Modry Efekt Coninctio 1970 Czechia Bonton
Modry Efekt Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik 1974 Czechia Bonton
Modry Efekt Svitanie 1977 Czechia Opus
Modry Efekt Svet Hledacu 1979 Czechia Bonton
Modry Efekt 33 1981 Czechia Bonton
Modry Efekt Nova Synteza 1971 Czechia Bonton
Modry Efekt Nova Synteza 2 1974 Czechia CD-R / Vinyl
Modry Efekt Nova Synteza 2 1974 Czechia Bonton
Modulo 1000 Na Fale Com Paredes 1971 Brazil Twilight Tone
Modulos Variaciones 1971 Spain EMI
Modulos Plenitud 1973 Spain EMI
Modulos 4 1974 Spain EMI
Modulos Relidad 1972 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Modulos Singles 1969-1976 Spain Ramalama
Modus Same 1980 Czechia CD-R / Vinyl
Modus The Best Girls 1985 Czechia CD-R / Vinyl
Mogolar Same 1970/1971 Turkey Diskotur
Mogul Thrash Same 1970 UK Disconforme
Moirana Same 1984 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Moirana Loners & Lovers + Singles & Extras 1973/1974 Denmark Karma
Moirana Loners & Lovers 1973/1974 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Mojo Blues Band And The Rockin Boogie Flu 198? Austria Bellaphon
Mojo Men Whys Ain’t Supposed To Be 1965-1966 USA Sundazed
Mojo Men Sit Down 1966-1968 USA Sundazed
Molitor, Bodo Hits Internacionales 1969 Mexico CD-R / Vinyl
Moloch Same 1972 USA Lizard
Mom’s Apple Pie Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mom’s Apple Pie #2 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mona Liza L’Escapade 1974 France Musea
Mona Lisa Grimases 1975 France Musea
Mona Lisa Le Petit Violin De Mr. Gregoire 1976 France Musea
Mon Dyn Murderer 1980 Germany GTR
Mon Dyh Confused Mind 1981 Germany GTR
Mon Dyn Am Ealgen 1982 Germany GTR/TRC
Money First Investment 1979 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Mondial Same 1966 Romania Electrecord
Mongrel Get Your Teeth 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Monks Black Monk Time 1966 UK Repertoire
Monocles The Higher Elevation 1965-1969 USA Ger Fab
Montage Same 1969 USA Sundazed
Monteduro, Adriano Same 1974 Italy BMG
Montreal A Summer’s Night 1970 USA Fallout
Montes Cuando Brille El Tiempo 1971 Argentina Serie Collectors
Montgomery Band, James High Roller 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Montgomery Band, James First Time Out 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Monument The First Monument 1971 UK Audio Archive
Monument Vol.1 1970 France CD-R / Vinyl
Moody The Gentle Rain 1973 UK Sunbeam
Moog Machine Switched — On Rock 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moom Toot UK CD-R / Vinyl
Moon Without Earth / Same 1968/1969 USA Rev-Ola
Moon Group, Chris Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moondog Same / Monndog 2 1969/1971 UK BGO
Moonkyte Count Me Out 1971 UK Merlin
Moonlighters Same CD-R / Vinyl
Moonquake Star Struck 1973 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Moonrakers Together With Him 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moonrider Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moonstone Same 1973 Canada Radioactive
Moore, Tim ( ex-Gulliver ) Behind The Eyes 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moose Loose Same 1974 Norway CD-R / Vinyl
Mops Same 1968 Japan Victor Intertainment
Mops Rock’n’Roll 1970 Japan Toshiba / EMI
Mops Iijunaike Japan Toshiba / EMI
Mor Stations France Spalax
Mora Trask Same / Mestrud 197?/1975 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Moran, John Come Join Me 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
More Same 1974 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Morgan ( Morgan Fisher ) Ivories UK Angel Air
Morgan ( Morgan Fisher ) The Sleeper Wakes 1973 UK Angel Air
Morgan, John Kaleidoscope 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Morgen 1969 USA EVA
Morgenrot Same 1979 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Moris Trenta Minutos De Vida Argentina Sony Music
Moris Ciadad De Guitarras Callejeras 1974 Argentina BMG
Morka Same Greece CD-R / Vinyl
Morly Grey Greasy Truckers Party 1969 USA Akarma
Mormos …The Magic Spell.. 1972 France Spalax
Morning After Blue Blood 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Morning Dew The Definitive Collection 1966-1969 USA Collectables
Morning Dew Second Album 1970 USA Collectables
Morning Glory Two Suns Worth 1968 USA Fallout
Morning Phase 1971 UK Kissing Spell
Mormos Geat Wall Of China 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mormos …The Magic Spell 1972 USA Spalax
Morning Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Morning Struck Like Silver 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Morningstar Same 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Morningstar Venus 1979 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Morpheus Rabenteuer 1976 Germany Garden Of Delight
Morpheus For A Second 2002 Germany Garden Of Delight
Morrison , Van Astral Weeks 1968 UK WB
Morrison , Van His Band And The Street Choir 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Morrison , Van Hard Nose The Highway 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Morse Code Le Marche Des Hommes 1975 Canada Prog Quebec
Morse Code Le Marche Des Hommes 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Morse Code Procreation 1976 Canada Prog Quebec
Morse Code Procreation 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Morse Code Je Suis Le Temps 1977 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Morse Code Je Suis Le Temps 1977 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Morse Code Transmission Same 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Morse Code Transmission 2 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Mortimer Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mortimer Same 1968 USA Rev-Ola
Mosaic Ultimatum 1976-1978 France Mio
Mosca, La The Fly 1970 Spain Guerssen
Mose Jones Get Right 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mose Jones Mose Knows 1974 USA Line
Mose Jones Blackbird 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Moses Changes 1971 Denmark Black Rose
Mother Earth Make A Joyful Noise 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mother Earth Satisfied 1970 USA Wounded Bird
Mother Earth Bring Me Home 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mother Earth Tracy Nelson / Mother Earth 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mother Love Carousel Of Daydreams 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mother Love Take One 1967 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Mothe Night Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck Home Grown Stuff 1969 Canada EMI
Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck Starting A New Day 1970 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Motherlode When I Die Canada Unidisk
Motiffe Same 1972 UK Ammonite
Motors Same 1977 UK Virgin
Motors Approved By Motors 1978 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Mott Drive On 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Mott Shouting & Pointing 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Motherhood Doldinger’s Motherhood 1970 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Mother’s Finest Another Mother Further 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mother’s Finest Iron Age 1981 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mother Hen Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mother Superior Same 1975 UK Audio Archive
Motherlight Bobak, Jons, Malone 1970 UK Merlin
Motions Wonderfull Impressions 1964-1965 Holland Pseudonim
Motions Electric Baby 1969 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Motvind Kann Dej Blast ! 1976 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Mount Rushmore High On 1969 USA Lizard
Mountain The Road Goes Ever On — live 1972 USA BGO
Mountain Ash Band The Hermit 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Mountain Bus Sundance 1971 USA Eva
Mountain Glory Same 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mourning Phase Same 1971 UK Kissing Spell
Mouse Lady Killer 1974 UK FID
Mouse Lady Killer 1974 UK Angel Air
Mouse & The Traps The Fraternity Years 1966-1968 USA Big Beat
Mouse & Twink Same 1995 UK HTD
Mouzakis Same Radioactive
Move Firebrigade ( The Best ) 1967-1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Movies Same 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Movies Bullets Through The Barrier 1978 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Movies Same 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Movin’ Morformen + ( other ) Flashbacks Same / Same 1966/1969 USA Collectables
Moving Gelatine Plates The World Of Genius Hans 1971 France Musea
Moving Sidewalks ( Pre- ZZ Top ) Flash 1968 USA TRC
Moving Sidewalks ( pre-ZZ Top ) Flash + Bonus Tracks 1968 USA Afterglow
Moxy 2 1976 Canada Pacemaker
Moxy 2 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Moxy Ridin High 1977 Canada Pacemaker
Moxy Same 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Moxy Same 1975 Canada Unidisk
Moxy Under The Lights 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Moxy Self Destruction Hits Canada Pacemaker
Mr. Albert Show Same 1970 Holland Long Hair
Mr. Albert Show Warm Motor 1971 Holland Long Hair
Mr. Big Sweet Silence 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mr. Big Photographie Smile 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mr. Big Same 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mr. Brown Mellan Tre Ogon Med Mr.Brown 1977 Sweden Transubstans
Mr. Brown Mellan The Ogon Med 1977 Sweden Voice Music
Mr. Flood Party Same 1969 USA Synton
Mr. Fox Same / The Gypsy 1970/1971 UK Sanctuary
Mr. Sirius Dirge 1985 Japan Crime
Mr. Sirius Barren Dream 1985 Japan Made In Japan
Mu Same 1971/1974 USA Sundazed
Mu The Last Album 1974 USA Akarma
Mucchio, Il Same 1970 Italy Mellow
Mud On Mudd 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Muffins Manna/Mirage UK
Mugen Sinfonia De La Luna 1984 Italy Musea
Muliskinner A Potpourri Of Bluegrass Jam 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mummi Kutoo Same 1975 Finland Love
Mungo Jerry Same / Electronically Tested 1970/1971 UK BGO
Murasaki Same 1975 Japan CD-R / Vinyl
Murasaki Impact 1976 Japan CD-R / Vinyl
Murietta Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mulry, Ted I Wont Look Back 1972 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Mulry Gang, Ted Here We Are 1974 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Mulry Gang, Ted Steppin’ Out 1976 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Mulry Gang, Ted Struttin’ 1976 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Murphy J.F., & Salt Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Murphy J.F., & Salt The Last Illusion 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Murphy Blend First Lost 1970 Germany Kuckuck
Murple Lo Sono Murple 1974 Italy Akarma
Murvini, I …Il Ringrazianu 1979 Italy Ricordu
Museo Rosenbach Live 1972 1972 Italy MM Records
Museo Rosenbach Zarathustra 1973 Italy BMG
Museo Rosenbach Rare And Unreleased Italy Mellow
Mushroom Early One Morning 1973 Ireland Little Wing
Mushroom Early One Morning 1973 Ireland Radioactive
Music Box Songs Of Sunshine 1972 UK Radioactive
Music Emporium Same 1969 USA Flash
Music Explosion Little Bit O’Soul 1967 USA Repertoire
Music Machine Turn On 1966-1967 USA Repertoire
Musica Dispersa Same 1970 Spain PDI
Musica Urbana Same 1976 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Musica Urbana Iberia 1978 Spain Nuevos Medios
Musicians Union Band Same 1971 Holland Angel Air
Musikpatruljen Same 1972 Denmark Karma
Mussewhite’s South Side Band, Charlie Stand Back! Here Comes 1967 USA No Lable
Mustang Born And Still Alive 1977 Belgium CD-R / Vinyl
Mustangs …And That’s For Sure! 1965/1966 USA UT Records
Mutantes Same 1969 Brazil Omplatten
Mutantes A Divina Comedia Ou 1970 Brazil Omplatten
Mutantes Technicolor 1970 Brazil Universal
Mutantes Jardim Eletrico 1971 Brazil Polydor
Mutantes E Seus Cometas No Pais… 1972 Brazil Polydor
Mutantes A eo Z 1973 Brazil
Mutantes Os Mutantes 1968 Brazil Omplatten
Mutantes Tudo Foi Pelo Sol 1974 Brazil Gala
Mutantes Ao Vivo 1976 Brazil Somlivre / Gala
Mutha Goose 1 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mutzie Light Of Your Shadow 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mutzie Light Of Your Shadow 1970 USA Synton
My Indle King Same 1969 Canada Shadoks
My Solid Ground Same 1970/1971 Germany Second Battle
My Solid Ground Same 1971/2001 Germany Long Hair
Mylon ( Mylon Le Fevre ) Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mylon ( Mylon Le Fevre ) Mylon 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Myrbein Myrornas Krig 1981 Sweden APM
Myrth Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Musikpatruljen Same 1972 Denmark Karma
Mystery Trend So Glad I Found You 1960’s USA Big Beat
Mystic Number National Bank Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Mystic Siva Same 1972 USA Anthology
Mystic Siva Under The Influence 1969/1970 USA World In Sound
Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Flowers Never Cry 1967/1968 USA Drop Out
Mystic Tide Solid Ground 1966-1969 USA Distortions
Mythology ( Pre Black Sabbath ) Live At The Queen’s Hotel 1969 UK Purple Hub
Mythos Same 1972 Germany Spalax
Mythos Dreamlab 1975 Germany Spalax
Mythos Strange Guys 1977 Germany Spalax
Mythos Concrete City 1978 Germany Spalax
Mythos Quasar 1980 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Mythos Grand Prix 1981 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
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