Группа Название альбома Год выпуска Страна Примечание
O Band Same 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
O Band Oasis 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
O Band Within Reach 1976 UK Repertoire
O Band The Knife 1977 UK CD-R / Vinyl
O.P.M.C. Amalgamation 1970 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Oasis Same 1971 Canada Radioactive
Oakley Peculiar Autumn 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
O’Brien & Jake, Justen Time Will Tell USA Radioactive
O’Malley, Michele Saturn Rings 1969 USA Fallout
Obelisque How Time Flies 1978 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Oberon A Midsummer`s Night Dream 1970 UK Audio Archive
Observer Sunblind Lion 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Obsolete Same 1971 France Mantra
Occasional Word The year Of The Great Leap Sideways 1969 UK SFM
Occasional Word The year Of The Great Leap Sideways 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Ocean Give Tomorrow’s Children One… 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ocean Give Tomorrow’s Children One… 1971 USA Unidisc
Ocean Put Your Hand In The Hand 1972 USA
Ocean God’s Clown 1976 France Mantra
Ocean Melody 1981 Germany PVR
Octavian Simple Kinda People 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
October Same/After The Fall 1979/1979 USA CD-R / Vinyl
October Himmel Auf Erden Germany CD-R / Vinyl
October Country Same 1968 USA Rev-Ola
Octobre Les Nouvelles Terres 1974 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Octobre 1972-1989 1972-1989 Canada Audiogram
Octopus Restless Night…Plus 1970 UK SFM
Octopus The Boat Of Thoughts 1976 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Octopus An Oceanof Rocks 1978 Germany Sky
Octopus Rubber Angel 1979 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Octopus Hart Am Rand 1981 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Octopus The Best Of hits Germany Sky
Octopus Same 1968/1969 Holland ESP
Octopus Thaeri Wilghen 1981 Norway
Oda Same 1973 USA Hallucinations
Odd Persons World Beat Hits 1966 Germany New Amos
Odd Persons World Beat Hits + Singles 1965-1967 Germany Bear Family
Odin Live At The Maxim 1971 UK Long Hair
Odin Same 1972 UK Living In The Past
Odin SWF Session 1973 1973 UK Long Hair
Odissea Same 1973 Italy Vinyl Magic
Odmenn Same 1970 Iceland
Odyssee Same 1973 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Odyssee White Swan 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Odyssey Setting Forth 1971 USA Timothy’s Brain
Odyssey Setting Forth 1971 USA Lion
Odyssey Live At Levittown Memorial Auditoriume 1974 USA Lion
Ofege Try And Love 1973 CD-R / Vinyl
Off Broadway Same 1979 CD-R / Vinyl
Offenbach 2 Canada BMG
Offenbach Never Too Tender 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Offenbach Same 1977 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Offenbach Traversiuon 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Offenbach Rock Bottom 1980 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Offenbach Coup De Foudre 1981 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Officina Meccanica La Follia Del Mimo Di Fuoco Italy
Og Det Var Det Amar 1 1976 Denmark Karma
Ohio Express Same 1968 USA Repertoire
Ohio Knox Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Oho Ecce 1975 USA Little Wing
Oho Recollections 1972-1974 USA OHO Music
Oho Vitamin Oho 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Oiling Happy Jazz Band Same 1970 Finland Warner Music
Oko Raskorak 1976 Yugoslavia Sazas
Oklahoma Same 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ol’ Paint Same 1971 USA Fallout
Ola & Janglers Lime Light 1966 Sweden Sonet
Ola & Janglers Let’s Dance / What A Way To Die Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Old In The Way Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Old In The Way Same 1975 USA Ryckodisc
Old Man And The Sea Same 1972 Denmark Won-Sin
Old Man And The Sea 1972-1975 1972-1975 Denmark Karma
Old Man And The Sea Alternative & Unreleased 1972/1973 Denmark
Oliver Standing Stone 1974 UK Wooden Hill
Oliver Klaus 1967-1970 1967-1970 Canada Capt. Moze
Olsen Brothers Same 1972 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Olsen Brothers For The Children Of The World 1974 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Olympic Singly 1964-1966 Czechia Bonton
Olympic Zelva 1967 Czechia Suphraphon
Olympic Ptak Rosomak 1968 Czechia Suphraphon
Olympic Jedeme Jedeme 1971 Czechia Suphraphon
Olympic 4 1972 Czechia Suphraphon
Olympic Overhead 1978 Czechia CD-R / Vinyl
Om Same 1971 Spain PDI
Om Same 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Omega Trombitas Fredi Es A Rettenetes Emberek 1969 Hungary Mega
Omega 200 Evvel Az Utolso Haboru Utan 1974 Hungary Mega
Omega 10 1981 Hungary Az Arc
Omega 11 1982 Hungary Mega
Omega 12 1986 Hungary Mega
Omega Plus How To Kiss The Sky 1969 France Shagadelic
Omnibus Same 1970 USA Radioactive
On The Seventh Day Same USA CD-R / Vinyl
One Same 1969 UK Black Rose
One ( another Group ) Same 1972 USA Lake Eerie
One In A Million Double Sight 1967 UK Wooden Hill
One Way Ticket Time Is Right 1978 UK/USA President
Oniris L’Homme — Voilier 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Opa Goldenwings 1976 Argentina CD-R / Vinyl
Open Mind Same 1969 UK Second Battle
Open Mind Same 1969 UK Sunbeam
Open Road Same 1971/1971 UK GGR
Open Sky Unit Same 1974 Belgium Whatmusic
Operation Rhino Same 1972 France CD-R / Vinyl
Ophiucus Same 1971 France Musea
Opo 2 1976 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Opossum Bear’s Banquet 1974 Germany Garden Of Delight
Opponer Gardslatar 1974 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Opposite Corner Jazz I Sverige 760 1976 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Opposite Corner Low — High 1981 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Opus 3 & Friends Sme 1970 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Opus Live Is Live Germany
Opus 1 1975 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Opus 5 Serieux Ou Pas 197? Canada Aller Retour
Opus 5 Contre-Courant 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Opus Alpha & Dies De Blues Same 1971/1972 Uruguay Sondor
Opus Avantra Lord Crommwell Plays Suite 1975 Italy Akarma
Opus Avantra Introspezione 1974 Italy Akarma
Opus Avantra Strata 1989 Italy Akarma
Ora Same 1969 UK Background
Orang Utan Same 1971 USA Lizard
Orange Bicycle Hyacinth Threads 1969 UK Edsel
Orange Colored Sky Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Orange Power Same 1977 CD-R / Vinyl
Orange Sunshine Homo Erectus 1969 Holland Headspin
Orange Sunshine Love = Acid; Space = Hell 1971 Holland Headspin
Orange Weidge Same 1972 USA Big Joe Records
Orange Weidge No One Left But Me 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
L’Orchestre Sympathique En Concert A La Grande Passe Canada Prog Quebec
Orchestra Mirasol Salsa Catalana / La Boquiera 1974/1976 Spain PDI
Oregon Our First Record 1970 USA Universe
Oreo Moon Walk Don’t Scream 1983 CD-R / Vinyl
Orexis Inspiration 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Orexis Reflection 1979 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Organization ( pre — Kraftwerk ) Tone Float 1970 Germany Crown
Orient Express Same 1969 USA GRC
Oriental Sunshine Dedicated To Be Bird We Love 1970 Norway CD-R / Vinyl
Oriental Sunshine Dedicated To Be Bird We Love 1970 Norway Hugo-Montes
Oriental Wind Same 1975 Turkey CD-R / Vinyl
Original Castle One Tin Soldier 1970 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Orion Sometimes Words Just Get In The Way 1975 CD-R / Vinyl
Orion La Nature Vit, L’Homme Lui Critique 1979 France Musea
Orion`s Beethoven Upekangel/Tercer Milenio 1973/1977 Argentina Condor`s
Orion Express Same 1975 USA Radioactive
Orleans Same 1973 USA MCA
Orleans Let There Be Music 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Orme, Le Biancaneve Italy Replay Music
Orme, Le Ad Gloriam 1969 Italy Akarma
Orme, Le L’Aurora 1970 Italy Akarma
Orme, Le Uomo Di Pezza 1972 Italy Philips
Orme, Le Felona E Sorona 1973 Italy Philips
Orme, Le Contrappunti 1974 Italy Philips
Orme, Le Storia O Legenda 1977 Italy Philips
Orme, Le Verita Nascoste Italy Philips
Orme, Le Florian 1979 Italy Philips
Orphan Everyone Lives To Sing 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Orphan More Orphan Than Not 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Orphan Egg Same 1968 USA Radioactive
Orpheus The Best Of 1968-1971 USA Big Beat
Orrange Peel Same 1972 Germany Bellaphon
Orrange Blossom Sound Same 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Oscar Same 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Oscar Twilight Asylum 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Oscar Cobblestone Heroes 1977 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Os Mundi 43 Minuten 1972 Germany Repertoire
Os Mundi Latin Mass 1970 Germany Germanofon
Os Mundi Latin Mass 1970 Germany Mason
Os Pescadores Sound Of Lonelyness Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Osage Tribe Arrow Head 1971 Italy Vinyl Magic
Osanna Palepoli 1973 Italy King
Osanna L`Uomo 1971 Italy Warner Point
Osanna Milano Calibro 9 1972 Italy No Lable
Osanna Landscape Of Life 1974 Italy Warner Point
Oscar Prudente Jufinite Fortune Italy BMG
Oskorri Gabriel Aresfiren Oroimenez 1976 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Oskorri Plazarik Plaza 1980 Spain СВ-К
Osibisa Same 1971 Line
Osibisa Woyaya 1971
Osibisa Heads 1972
Osmonds 21 Hits 1971-1975 UK Curb
Osmosis Same 1970 USA Synton
Ossian Same 1975 Poland CD-R / Vinyl
Other Half Mr. Pharmacist & Lost Singles 1968 USA Eva
Other Half Same 1968 USA Radioactive
Otis Waygood Otis Waygood Blues Band 1970 S.Africa Fresh
Otis Waygood Simply 1971 S.Africa Fresh
Otis Waygood Ten Light Claps And A Scream 1972 S.Africa
Ougenweide Lieder Buch 1973-1978 Germany Polydor
Ougenweide Same / All Die Weit Ich Mag 1972/1974 Germany Bear Family
Ougenweide Ohrenschmaus / Eulenspiegel 1976/1976 Germany Bear Family
Ougenweide Fryheit 1978 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Ouba a1 Freak Out Total 1968 USA Ger Fab
Our Generation Praise And Prayer 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Out Cast 1968 Japan Teichiku
Out Of Darkness 1970 UK Key
Out Of Focus Not To Late 1974 Germany Cosmic Egg
Out Of Focus Wake Up 1970 Germany Kuckuck
Out Of Focus Same 1971 Germany Kuckuck
Out Of Focus Four Letter Monday Afternoon 1972 Germany Kuckuck
Out Of Focus Rat Roads 1972 Germany Garden Of Delight
Out Of Focus Palermo 1972 1972 Germany Garden Of Delight
Outcasts ( & The Arkay 4 ) Meet The Outcasts / The Mood Sound Of The Arkay 4 ) 1966/1968 USA Collectables
Outcasts ( New York ) Live ! Standing Room Only 1967 USA Collectables
Outcasts ( Texas ) I’m In Pittsburgh And It’s Raining 1965-1967 USA Collectables
Outlaw Blues Band Same 1968 USA
Outlaw Blues Band Breaking In 1969 USA
Outlaws Dream Of The West 1961 UK BGO
Outsiders Strange Things Are Happening 1965-1969 Holland RPM
Outsiders Same 1966-1967 Holland Pseudonim
Outsiders CQ 1968 Holland Pseudonim
Outsiders Singles A’s & B’s 1965-1967 Holland
Outsiders In 1967 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Outsiders Collectors Series 1966-1969 USA Collectables
Ovary Lodge Same 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Over The Hill Ratbite Forever 1974 UK SPM
Overdrevet Lief I Forstaden CD-R / Vinyl
Overdrive The Human Machine 1970 Iceland
Overland Express Prisoner Of The Street 1979 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Overlanders Michelle 1966 UK Repertoire
Ovnis, Los Hippies 1966-1968 Mexico ?
Owen’s Moon, Ray Same 1971 UK
Oxford Circle Live At The Avalon, 1966 1966 USA Big Beat
Oxfords Flying Up Through The Sky 1966-1972 USA Ger Fab
Oz Knozz Ruff Mix 1975 USA Black Rose
Ozark Mountain Daredevils It’ll Shine When It Shines 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ozark Mountain Daredevils Same / It’ll Shine When I Shines 1973/1974 USA BGO
Ozark Mountain Daredevils Men From Earth 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ozark Mountain Daredevils Don’t Look Down 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Ozark Mountain Daredevils It’s Alive 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
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