Группа Название альбома Год выпуска Страна Примечание
C.A.Quintet Trip Thru Hell 1968 USA EVA
C.A.Quintet Trip Thru Hell 1968 USA Sundazed
C.C.C. Inc Watchin The Evening Sun 1971 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
C.C.C. Inc Castle In Spain / CCC For Ever 1973/1975 Holland Lost & Found
C.C.C. Inc Castle In Spain 1973 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
C. & K. Vocal Generation 1976 Czechia CD-R / Vinyl
C & K. Vocal Generace 1976 Czechia Supraphon
C & K. Vocal Generace 1977 Czechia Supraphon
C.K.Strong Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
C.M.U. / Contemporary Music Unit / Space Cabaret/ Open Spaces 1971/1973 UK SFM
C.O.B. ( Clive Own Band ) Spirit Of Love 1970 UK BGO
C.O.B. ( Clive Own Band ) Moyshe McStiff And The Tartan.. 1972 UK Elegy
Cabalo Vapor Same 1972 Argentina CD-R / Vinyl
Cabidos Crossfire 1974 CD-R / Vinyl
Cactus One Way Or Another 1970 USA Line
Cactus Restrictions 1971 USA Repertoire
Cactus Barely Contained / The Studio Recording USA Rhino
Cadd,Brian Same 1972 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Cadd,Brian Same 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Cadmo,I Boomerang Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Cado Belle Same 1976 UK Minder
Caedmon Same 1978 UK Kissing Spell
Caetano Veloso Same 1968 Brazil Philips
Cafe Jacques International 1978 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Cafe Jacques Round The Back 1977 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Cai Noche Abierta / Cancion De La Prima 1979/1980 Spain Sony
Cain A Pound Of Flesh 1975 USA Monster
Cain Stinger 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Caine, Simon Same 1970 CD-R / Vinyl
Caja De Pandora Same 1979 Mexico Sol & Deneb
Cake Same 1967 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cal Same 1980 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Caldera A Moog Mass 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Caldera Same 1976 USA EMI
Caldera Time & Chance 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Caldera Dreamer 1979 USA Capitol
Cale, John The Island Years 1974-1975 UK Island
Calico Same / Calico 2 1975/1976 USA Magic
California Earthquake Reformation 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
California Poppy Pickers Sounds Of 69 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
California Poppy Pickers Hair — Aquarius 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
California Poppy Pickers Today’s Chart Busters 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
California Poppy Pickers Honky Tonk Women 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Calliope Steamed 1969 USA Retro Disc
Calliope Steamed 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Callender, Bobby The Way 1969 USA
Callender, Bobby Le Musee De L’Impressionnisme 1972 USA Fall Out
Callifi, I Fiore Di Metallo 1973 Italy Fonitcetra
Callinan Flynn Freedom’s Lament 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Cambodian Rocks 1969/1970 Cambodgia World
Camerin, Sandro Carlo Real To Reel CD-R / Vinyl
Camel Underage 1969 UK Valhalla
Cameleonti, I Io Per Lei 1968 Italy Warner Music
Caminos, El Reverb Explosion ! 1995/1996 Japan Del-Fi Records
Cam-Pact Singles, Demos & TV Tracks 1967-1969 Australia Missing Link
Campo Di Marte Same 1973 Italy Mellow
Campos, Los ( & Hojas ) Same Uruguay Sondor
Can Ege Bamyasi 1972 Germany
Canadian Zephyr It Just So Happens 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Canamii Concept 1977 S.Africa Mason
Canarios, Los Ciclos 1974 Spain Si-Wan
Candida Dawn USA CD-R / Vinyl
Candido Thjousand Finger Man 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Candida Pax Day 1971 UK Shadoks
Candle Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Candlewick Green What Kind Of Songs 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Candymen Bring You Candypower 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Canaan Same 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Canaan Out For The Wildetness 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Cane And Able Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Canibais, Os Grandes Sucessos 1966-1969 Brazil Mrfivemusic
Cannabis Joint Effort 1972 USA Ger Fab
Cannabis India Same 1973 Germany Long Hair
Canned Heat Hallelujah / Cook Book 1969/1970 USA BGO
Canned Rock Kinetic Energy / Machines 1978/1982 UK Angel Air
Cannibal & The Headhunters A Golden Classics Edition 1963-1966 USA Collectables
Cano Tous Dans L’meme Bateau 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Cano Au Nord De Notre Vie 1977 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Cano Ecklipse 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Canterbury Fair Same 1967-1969 USA Sundazed
Cantilo Y Grupo Sur, Miguel Same 1975 Argentina Viajero Inmovil
Canzoniere Del Lazio Spirito Bono Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Canyon High Mountain 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cap Sala Borsa Live’ 77 1977 Italy Kaliphonia
Capability Brown From Scratch 1972 UK Charisma
Capability Brown Voices 1973 UK Charisma
Capability Brown Liar 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Capaldi, Jim Oh How We Danced 1972 UK Edsel
Capaldi, Jim Whale Meat Again 1974 UK Edsel
Capitolo Six Frutti Per Kagua 1972 Italy MP Records
Capricorn College Orfeo 2000 1972 Italy Mellow
Capricorn College LP Di Primavera 1974 Italy Vinyl Magic
Captain Beefheart The Spotlight Kid / Clear Spot 1972 USA Reprise
Captain Beyond Same / Sufficiently Breathless 1972/1973 UK Prog. Line
Captain Ilor Mindfuck 1977 Germany Coloured Rain
Captain Marryat Same 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Captain Matchbox Whoope Band Smoke Dreams 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Captain Matchbox Whoope Band Australia 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Captain Rock Burried Treasure 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Capsicum Red Appunti Per Un Idea Fissa 1972 Italy Vinyl Magic
Cardeilhag Same 1972 Switzerland OHR WASHL
Cardinal Point Same 1972 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Cargo Simple Thing 1970 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Cargo Same 1970-1972 Holland Pseudonim
Cargoe Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Carion, Alfredo Same 1976 Spain Fonomusic
Carlos,Roberto Un Gato Enla Oscuridad 1972 Brazil CD-R / Vinyl
Carlsberg Cash & Carry 1980 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Carmen Fandangos In Space 1972 UK Line
Carmen Dancing On A Cold Wind 1973 UK Line
Carnabeats First 1968 Japan
Carnascialia Same 1979 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Carnegie Rock And Roll Symphony 1977 USA Shroom
Carol Of Harvest Same 1978 Germany Second Battle
Carola Damas Negras 1973 Argentina Microfon
Carp Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Carpe Diem En Regardant Passer Le Temps 1976 France Musea
Carpe Diem Cueille Le Jour 1977 France Musea
Carpboard Village Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Carbonos, Os Same 1976 Brazil CD-R / Vinyl
Carrion, Alfredo Same 1976 Spain Fonomusic
Carson On The Air / Blown 1972 Australia Free
Carter, Dean Call Of The Wind 1967-1969 USA Big Beat
Cartoone Same 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Casa Da Maquinas Star De Marravilhas 1975 Brazil Cast
Casablanca ( ex-Trees ) Same 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Cascsdes Hits And Rarities 1960’s USA Varant
Cascades Maybe The Rain Will Fall 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cashman , Pistilli & West Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cashman & West A Song Of Two 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Casino Same 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Castello Di Atlante, il 1976-1984 Italy Vinyl Magic
Castle Canyon Gods Of 1973 1973 Bottomfeeder
Casuals Hour World 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Cat Same 1970 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Cat Mother The Street Giveth.. 1969 USA Polydor
Cat Mother Albion Doo-Wah 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cat Mother Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cat Mother Last Chance Dance 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Catanooga Cats Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Catapilla Same 1971 UK Repertoire
Catapilla Changes 1972 UK Repertoire
Catapult Same 1975 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Catch Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Catfish Get Down 1970 USA Sony
Catfish Live 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Catfish Hodge Dynasaurus And Alleycats 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Catfish Hodge Boogieman Gonna Get Ya 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Catfish Hodge Soap Opera’s 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Catfish Hodge Eyewitness Blues 1979 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Catharsis Masq 1971 France Spalax
Catharsis Illuminations 1971 France Spalax
Catharsis Les Shevrons 1972 France Spalax
Catharsis Le Bolero Du Veau Des Dames 1974 France Spalax
Cathedral Stained Glass Stories 1978 USA Syn-Phonic
Cats Single Hits 1966-1984 Holland EMI
Cats Songs We Sang Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cats One Way Wind 1968-1971 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cats Colour Us Gold 1973 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cats Hard To Be Friends 1975 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cats Take Me With You 1971 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cats Same 1980 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cavaliere, Felix Same 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
CCS 2 1972 UK Repertoire
Celelalte Cuvinte Same 1986 Romania CD-R / Vinyl
Celentano, Adriano Supremo Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Celeste I Suoni I Una Sfera 1974 Italy
Celeste Second 1975 Italy Mellow
Celeste Principal Di Giorno 1976 Italy Vinyl Magic
Celi E Gli Infermieri, Fabio Follia 1973 Italy Mellow
Cementmolen, De Draaiorgel 1969 Music Net
Centipede Septober Energy 1971 UK BGO
Central Nervouse System I Could Have Danced All Night 1968 Canada Retro Disc
Central Nervouse System I Could Have Danced All Night 1968 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Central Park Same 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cerchio D’Oro Same 1976 Italy Mellow
Cervello Melos 1973 Italy BMG
Ceyleib People Tanyet 1967 USA Drop Out
Chain Towards The Blues 1971 Australia Festival
Chain The History Of Chain Hits Australia Mushroom
Chalice Overlow 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Chalis One Small Chance 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Challenge Japan
Challengers Same 1969 Puerto-Rico Ger Fab
Chamberlain, Cathy Rag’n’roll Revue 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chameleon Nothing Comes Easy Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Chameleon Church Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chameleon Church Same 1968 USA Akarma
Champignons, Les Premiere Capsule 1972 Canada Radioactive
Champion Jack Dupree When You Feel The Feeling You Was Feeling 1968 UK GTR
Changes Fire Of Life 1969-1971 Japan Tesco
Chango Same 1975 USA Akarma
Chantays Two Sides Of Chantays / Pipeline 1963/1965 Repertoire
Chapin, Harry Short Stories 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Chaparall Electric Sound Inc Electric Sound For Dancing 1969 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Chapta Open Door 1972 New Zeland CD-R / Vinyl
Character Demon Child 1984 USA WMMS
Charge Same 1974 UK Kissing Spell
Chariot Same 1968 USA Radioactive
Charisma Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Charisma Beasts And Fiends 1970 USA Wounded Bird
Charity Now 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Charity Same 1975 CD-R / Vinyl
Charlatans First Album / Alabama Sound 1968/196? USA Eva
Charlatans Amazing Charlatans 1969 USA Big Beat
Charlebois, Robert Les Grands Succes Vol.2 Fr CD-R / Vinyl
Charlee Same 1972 Canada Buy Or Die
Charlee Same 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Charles, Chili Busy Corner 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Charlie Fantasy Girls 1976 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Charlie & Esdor Same 1970 Sweden MNW
Charlies Buttocks 1970 Finland Red Fox
Charlies Musiikkia Elokunasta Juusteiden Liimaajat 1970 Finland Vynylmania
Chase Same 1971 USA One Way
Chastain Band, Dave Rockin’ Roulette 1980 Akarma
Chats, Les Renaissance 1972 France CD-R / Vinyl
Checkmates Ltd Love Is All We Have To Give 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Checkpoint Charlie Same 1970 Germany Germanofon
Chelsea Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chelsea Beige Mama,Mama Let Your Sweet…. 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chen, Shinki Shinki Chen & His Friends 1972 Japan Black Rose
Chene Noir Aurora 1971 France Mellow
Cherokee Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cherry Five Same 1974 Italy Crime
Cherry People Same 1968 USA Edsel
Cherubin Our Sunrise 1974 Germany Germanofon
Cherubin Cherub Safety Match 1975 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Cherubin Break Free 200? Germany KDC
Chesterfield Kings Where The Action Is ? 1974 USA Living Eye
Chetarca Same 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Cheval Fou Same 1970-1975 France Legend Music
Chicano, El Viva Tirado 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chicano, El Revolucion 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chicano, El Same 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chicano, El Cinco 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chicano, El The Best Of Everything 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Chicken Bones Hardrock In Concert 1975 Germany Second Battle
Chicken Shack 100 Ton Chicken 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Chicken Shack Accept 1970 UK Valhalla
Chicken Shack Imagination Lady 1972 UK Indigo
Chicken Shack Go Live 1976 UK Deram
Chicken Shack The Creeper 1977 UK Prog. Line
Chico Magnetic Band 1969 France Lizard
Chicory Tip The Best 1972-1975 UK Repertoire
Child Same 1970 USA Lizard
Children Rebirth 1970 USA Ger Fab
Children ( + Thursday Children ) Stoned Sixties 1967-1968 USA Collectables
Chil Rhybarby Feeling 1970 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Children Of The Night Dinner With Drac! 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Children Of One Same 1969 USA Akarma
Chilli Willi & Red Hot Peppers Kings Of The Robot Rhythm 1972 UK Small Town
Chilli Willi & Red Hot Peppers I’ll Be Home UK Proper Records
Chilliwack Same 1971 USA Red Fox
Chilliwack 2 1972 Canada Red Fox
Chilliwack All Over You 1972 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Chilliwack Same 1974 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Chilliwack Rockerbox 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Chilliwack Dreams, Dreams, Dreams 1976 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Chilliwack Light From The Valley 1978 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Chillum Same 1971 UK SFM
Chimera Same 1967-1970 UK Wooden Hill
Chimera Des Вгумуды Corkussen 1979 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Chimera Obstakel 1980 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Chimney Sweeps Devil Girls 1966-1968 Australia Vicious Sloth
Chimo Same 1971 Canada Pacemaker
Chirco Visitation 1972 USA
Chitinuous Ensemble Chitinuous 1971 UK Vocalion
Chocolate Watch Band No Way Out 1967 USA Big Beat
Chocolate Watch Band The Inner Mystique ? One Step Beyond 1968/1969 USA Big Beat
Chocolate Watch Band Melts In Your Brain…Not On Your Wrist! 1966-1968 USA Big Beat
Choice Just A Dream 1980 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Choir Choir Practice 1966-1969 USA Sundazed
Chopyn Grand Slam 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Chorale Same 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Chosen Few Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Christian, Neil & The Crusaders 1962-1973 1962-1973 UK SFM
Christie Same 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Christie For All Mankind 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Christmas Heritage 1970 Canada Won-Sin
Christmas Heritage 1970 Canada Unidisk
Christmas Live At Massey Hall 1971 Canada Unidisk
Christmas Same 1969 Canada Pacemaker
Christmas, Keith Brighter Day / Stories From The Human Zoo 1974/1976 UK Red Fox
Christopher What’cha Gonna Do ? 1969 USA Ger Fab
Christopher What’cha Gonna Do ? 1969 USA Scenescof
Christopher ( Another Group ) Same 1970 USA Ger Fab
Chrysalis Definition 1968 USA Rev-Ola
Chubby Checker Same 1971 Holland Underground Masters
Churchill Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Churchill’s Churchill’s & Jericho Jones 1968-1971 Izrael Hed-Arzi
Churchill, Chuck You & Me 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Churls Send Me No Flowers / Same 1968/1969 USA Synton
Chute Libre Same 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Cico,I La Gente Dice 1975 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Cid, Jose 10000 Anos Depois Entre… 1977/1978 Portugal CD-R / Vinyl
Cincinatto Same 1972 Italy AMS
Cinderella Same 1970 Denmark Spectacullar
Cinderella Udkoksning I Tre Satser 1970/1972 Denmark Karma
Cipollina, John Raven 1981 USA Line
Circulation Tank Tracks 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Circus Same 1974 USA Ger Fab
Circus Same 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Circus Surface Tension 197? UK President
Circus Same 1969 UK Castle
Circus Same 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Circus Same 1976 Switzerland CD-R / Vinyl
Circus Movin` On 1977 Switzerland SML
Circus Fearless, Tearless And Even Less 1980 Switzerland CD-R / Vinyl
Circus 2000 Same 1970 Italy Vinyl Magic
Circus 2000 An Ascape From A Box 1972 Italy Akarma
Circus Maximus Same 1967 USA Vanguard
Circus Maximus Same / Neverland Revisited 1967/1968 USA Vanguard
Cirkus One … Plus 1973 UK Audio Archive
Cirkus 2 The Global Cut UK Audio Archive
Cirkus 3 Pantomyme UK Audio Archive
Citron Tropic Of Cancer 1981 Czechia CD-R / Vinyl
Citta Frontale El Tor 1975 Italy Warner Fonit
City Now That Everythings Been Said 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
City Preachers Folklore 1966 Germany Telefunken
Claggers Chuley’s Laughing Gear 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Clancy Seriously Speaking 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Clancy Everyday 1975 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Clan Motor Hocu Mama 1977 Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
Clap Babe You Reached Yet? 1971 USA Skyf Zol
Clark Five, Dave Rare Tracks UK Rock In Beat
Clark Five, Dave Weekend In London / Having Wild Weekend UK Rock In Box
Clark Five, Dave I Like It Like That / Try To Hard 1965/1966 UK Rock In Beat
Clark Hutchinson Blues 1968 UK Little Wing
Clark Hutchinson A=MH2 1969 UK Repertoire
Clark Hutchinson Retribution 1970 UK Repertoire
Clark Hutchinson Blues / Gestalt 1968/1971 UK Valhalla
Classic Four Stormy 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Classical M The Complete Collection 1968-1970 UK Lion
Clauss, Arno Same 1972 Germany OHR WASHL
Clayton , Lee Same 1973 USA Edsel
Clayton-Thomas, David Same / Tequila Sunrise 1972/1972 USA Edsel
Clean Living Meadowmuffin 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Clear Blue Sky Same 1970 UK Repertoire
Clear Blue Sky Destiny 1976 UK Aftermath
Clear Blue Sky Cosmic Crusader 1996 UK Aftermath
Clear Blue Sky Out Of The Blue 1970 UK Aftermath
Clear Blue Sky Mirror Of The Stars 2001 UK Aftermath
Clear Light Black Roses 1967 USA GDR
Clear Light Same 1967 USA Collector’s Choice
Clearing Same 1973 USA Acme
Clearlight Symphony 1974 France Captain Trip
Clearlight Forever Blowing Bubbles 1975 France Mantra
Clearlight Les Contes Du Singe Fou 1976 France Spalax
Clearlight Visions 1978 France Clearlight Music
Cleves Same 1970 Australia Vicious Sloth
Climax Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Climax Cusano Mecanico Bolivia CD-R / Vinyl
Climax Blues Band Same 1969 UK Repertoire
Climax Blues Band Plays On 1969 UK Repertoire
Climax Blues Band A Lot Of Bottle 1970 UK Repertoire
Climax Blues Band Tightly Knight 1971 UK C 5
Climax Blues Band Rich Man 1972 UK Repertoire
Climax Blues Band Couldn`t Get It Right…Plus 1974-1976 UK SFM
Clinic Now We’re Even 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Clique Same 1969 USA Varese Sarabande
Clivage Regina Astris 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Clockwork Same 1973 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cloud Nine We’re Just Good Friends So Rock On 1975 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Cloud One Atmosphere Strut 1976 CD-R / Vinyl
Clouds Scrapbook / Watercolor Days 1969/1971 UK BGO
Clover Unavailable 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Clover Live On The Wire 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Coast Road Drive Delicious And Refreshing 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Cobraa Same 1974 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Cobraa Same 1974 Germany Germanofon
Cocai, I Same 1977 Italy Mellow
Cochise Same 1970 UK Kissing Spell
Cochise So Far 1971 UK Kissing Spell
Cochise Swallow Tales 1972 UK Kissing Spell
Cochise Rauchzeichen 1979 Germany Big Easy
Cochise Wir Werden Leben 1981 Germany Big Easy
Cochran, Wayne Cochran 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cockhey Rebel Psychomodo 1974 UK Jaspac
Coda Sounds Of Passion 1986 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Code III Planet Of Man 1974 Germany Delta Akustik
Coeur Magicqe Wakan Tanka 1971 France Spalax
Cofradia De La Flor Solar, La Same 1971 Argentina Sony
Cohen — Solal, Jean Flute Libres / Captain Tarthopom 1971/1973 France Mio
Coincidence Same 1978 France CD-R / Vinyl
Coincidence Clef De Ciel 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Cold Blood Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cold Blood Sisyphus 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cold Blood First Tapes Of Sin 1972 USA Collectables
Cold Blood Thriller ! 1973 USA Collectables
Cold Blood Lydia 1974 USA Collectables
Cold Blood Lydia Pense & Cold Blood 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cold Sun Dark Shadows 1970-1972 USA Wourld In Sound
Collage Same 1970 USA RGF
Collage Misty 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Coldwater Army Peace 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Collectors Same 1968 Canada Collector’s Choice
Collectors Grass And Wild Strawberries 1968 Canada Line
Collegium Musicum Convergencie 1970-1971 Czechia Opus
Collegium Musicum Marian Varga & Collegium Musicum 1975 Czechia Opus
Collegium Musicum Same 1997 Czechia CD Tip
Collier, Graham Portraits 1972 UK Disconforme
Collier, Graham New Conditions 1976 UK Disconforme
Colonel Bagshot Oh! What A Lovely War 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Color Humano Same 1978 Hungary Mambo
Color Humano Same 1972 Argentina Microfon
Color Humano 2 1973 Argentina Microfon
Coloured Balls & Friends Summer Jam 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Coloured Balls Ball Power 1972-1973 Australia Aztec
Coloured Balls Heavy Metal Kid 1973-1975 Australia Aztec
Colours Same 1967 USA Dot
Colours Atmosfere 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Columbus,Ray The Solo Years New Zeland EMI
Colwell — Winfield Blues Band Cold Wind Blues 1968 USA Akarma
Colwell — Winfield Blues Band Live Bust 1970 Akarma USA
Coma Financial Tycoon 1977 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Combojazz No Speed Italy TJRS
Come Le Foglie Same 1972 Italy Giallo Records
Comfortable Chair Same 1968 USA Synton
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Air.. Same 1975 USA Wounded Bird
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Air.. Tales From The Ozone 1975 USA Wounded Bird
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Air.. Let’s Rock 1986 USA Blind Pig
Common People Of The Other People By The People.. 1969 USA Ascension
Common People Of The Other People By The People.. 1969 USA Fallout
Commune, La Cammina Cammina 1974 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Compagnia Digitale Same 1979 Italy Mellow
Companion Same 1975 USA Akarma
Companion Mr. Head Live 1980 Synton
Company Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Company Blue Same 1973 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Company Caine A Product Of Broken Home 1972 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Company Caine Dr. Chop 1976 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Company Of Four ( CO4 ) Hippieology 2 Denmark Karma
Companya Electrica Dharma L’Oucomballa 1976 Spain PDI
Companya Electrica Dharma Diumenge 1975 Spain PDI
Companya Electrica Dharma Tramuntana 1977 Spain PDI
Companya Electrica Dharma I Angel De La Danza 1978 Spain PDI
Complex Same 1970 UK Wooden Hill
Complex The Way We Feel 1971 UK Wooden Hill
Compton & Batteau In California 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Comunidade S8 O Rio Das Aguas Que Saram Brazil S8CD
Comus To Keep From Crying 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Comus To Keep From Crying 1974 UK Virgin
Concept Invasion 1979 Canada Long Hair
Concept Supra Surge 1980 Canada Long Hair
Concrete Rubber Band Risen Savior 1974 USA Radioactive
Conqueroo Same 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Condello Phase 1 1970 USA Retro Disc
Conexion 5 Same 1968-1969 Argentina BMG
Confluence Arkham 1977 France CD-R / Vinyl
Confluence Chroniques Terrestres 1979 France CD-R / Vinyl
Congregasion Viene… 1972 Chilie Sampler
Congreso, El Same 1971 Chilie Record Runner
Congreso, El Terra Incognita 1975 Chilie EMI
Conexion 5 Same 1968-1969 Argentina BMG
Connexion Harmony 1973 Spain Fonomusic
Connivence Same 1977 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Connivence 2 1979 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Consortium Rebirth 1975 UK Angel Air
Contact Nobody Wants To Be Sixteen 1979 Sweden CD-R / Vinyl
Contact Hon Kom Over Mon 1971 Sweden MNW
Contact Samma Vindar Samma Dofter 1968-2004 Sweden MNW
Continental Uptight Band Beautiful Friendship 1970 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Continental Uptight Band Roots 1971 Holland CD
Continuum Same 1970 UK Valhalla
Continuum Autumn Grass 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Contraband Same 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Contraband Same 1977 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Contraband Nothing To Hide 1978 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Contraction Same 1972 Canada Progquebec
Contraction La Bourse Ou La Vie 1974 Canada Progquebec
Contraluz Americanos 1973 Argentina Mardel X
Controcorrente Same 1979 Italy CD-R / Vinyl
Country Joe & The Fish Live! Fillmore West 1969 1969 USA
Conventum A L’Affut D’Un Complot 1977 Canada Prog Quebec
Conventum Le Bureau Central D’Utopies 1979 Canada Prog Quebec
Conventum Le Bureau Central D’Utopies 1979 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Convivium Same 1971 Norway CD-R / Vinyl
Cooder, Ry Same 1970 USA Reprise
Cooder, Ry Into The Purple Valley 1972 USA Reprise
Cookin Mama New Day USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cool Feet Burning Desire 1976 Luxembourg CD-R / Vinyl
Cooper & The Stoned Wings, Jeff Tribute To Jimi Hendrix 1971 Germany Red Fox
Cooper, Don Bless The Children 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cooper, Mike Do I Know You 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Cooper, Mike Do I Know You ? / Trout Steel 1970/1970 UK BGO
Cooper, Mike Paper And Smoke 1969-1972 UK Castle
Cooper, Mike Machine Gun Company 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Coperpenny Same 1970 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Coperpenny Fuse 1975 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Copperhead ( with J.Cippolina ) Same 1973 USA Acadia
Copperhead ( with J.Cippolina ) Lonesome Trails 1973 USA Head
Cops’n’ Robbers Same 1964-1966 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Corbeau Same 1979 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Corbett & Jay Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cork ( C.Laing ) Out There USA Voiceprint
Cornells Surf Fever ! 1964 USA Sundazed
Cornucopia Full Horn 1973 Germany Repertoire
Coronarias Dans Breathe 1971 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Coronarias Dans Visitor 1975 Denmark Steeple Chase
Corporal Gander`s Fire Dog Brigade On The Rocks 1970 Germany GTR
Corporate Body Prospectus ’69 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Corporation Get On Our Swing / Hassels In My Mind 1967/1968 USA EVA
Corporation Same 1969 USA Repertoire
Corpus Creation A Child 1969 USA Flash
Coryell, Larry At The Village Gate 1971 USA Vanguard
Corte Dei Miracoli Dimensions Onirica 1973/1974 Italy Mellow
Corte Dei Miracoli Same 1976 Italy Vinyl Magic
Cortex Tropeau Bleau 1975 France CD-R / Vinyl
Cortex Pourquoi? 1978 France CD-R / Vinyl
Cos Postaeolian Train Robbery 1975 Belgium Musea
Cos Vita Boma 1976 Belgium Musea
Cos Pasiones 1982 Belgium Musea
Cosa Nostra Same 1971 Mexico World Psychedelia
Coses Via Vora 1976 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Coses Ara Es Dema 1977 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Coses Perque No Sa 1978 Spain Fonomusic
Cosmic Coridors Same 1972/1973 Germany Psi-Fi
Cosmic Dealer Crystalization 1971-1973 Holland Pseudonim
Cosmic Debris Same 1980 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cosmic Eye Dream Sequence 1972 UK Silva Star
Cosmic Jokers Same 1974 Germany Spalax
Cosmic Jokers Planeten Sit-in 1974 Germany Spalax
Cosmic Jokers Galactic Supermarket 1974 Germany Spalax
Cosmic Michael After A While 1970 USA Radioactive
Cosmic Sounds Zodiac 1968 USA Water
Cosmic Travelers Live! At The Spring… 1972 USA Dodo
Cosmos Factory Same 1973 Japan Columbia
Cosmos Factory Black Hole 1976 Japan Lion
Cosmos Factory A Journey With Cosmos Factory 1975 Japan Lucky Pigs
Cosmos Factory A Journey With Cosmos Factory 1975 Japan CD-R / Vinyl
Cosmos Factory Metal Reflection 1977 Japan Toshiba EMI
Cosmoc Factory Metal Reflection 1977 Japan CD-R / Vinyl
Coto En Pel Holocausto 1978 Spain Laser’s Edge
Cotton Blues Band, James Cotton In Your Ears 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cottonwood Camaraderie 1971 USA Walhalla
Count I’m A Star 1972-1978 France CD-R / Vinyl
Count Five Psychotic Reaction 1967 USA Edsel
Country Cooking Barrel Of Fun 1972 CD-R / Vinyl
Country Funk Same 1970 USA Fallout
Country Joe And The Fish Electric Music For The Mind And Body 1967 USA Vanguard
Country Joe McDonald Animal Tracks USA Line
Country Lane Substaatum 1973 Switzerland Musea
Coupla Prog Sprite 1970/1971 Germany Long Hair
Coupla Prog Death Is A Great Gambler 1970-1972 Germany Long Hair
Coupla Prog Edmundo Lopez 1970 Germany Long Hair
Cousineau, Luc & Lise Tout Le Monde Est Heureux 1071 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Cousins, Dave & Brian Willoughby Old School Songs 1970-1979 UK RGF
Coven Witchcraft 1970 USA Hard Rock Yankees
Coven Same 1972 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Coven Blood On The Snow 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Covenant Nature’s Divine Reflection 1992 Synphonic
Cowboy Boyer & Talton 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cowboy Same 1977 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cowsills On My Side 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cowsills 2×2 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cox, Billy Introfunction 1972 UK Repertoire
Coyne, Kevin Case History…Plus 1972 UK SFM
Coyote Same 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Coyote Same 1974 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Crabby Appleton Same 1970 USA Collector’s Choice
Crabby Appleton Rotten To The Core 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crabby Appleton Rotten To The Core 1971 USA Collector’s Choice
Crack Day Of Doom 1976 Radioactive
Crack Si Todo Hiciera Crack 1979 Spain Si-Wan
Crack The Sky Rare! 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crack The Sky Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crack The Sky Same / White Music 1975/1980 USA Lifesong
Crack The Sky Live Sky 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crack The Sky Animal Notes 1976 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crack The Sky Safety In Numbers 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crack The Sky Raw 1987 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crackerhash The Elfin Knight 1976 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Crane, Les Desiderata 1971 CD-R / Vinyl
Crash Coffin Same USA Radioactive
Cravinkel Same 1970 Germany Repertoire
Cravinkel Garden Of Loneliness 1971 Germany Valhalla
Crawler Same 1977 UK Wounded Bird
Crazy Elephant Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crazy Elephant Same 1969 USA Rock In Beat
Crazy Horse Same 1971 USA WB
Crazy Horse Loose 1972 USA Wounded Bird
Crazy Horse At Crooked Lake 1974 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crazy Horse Crazy Moon + 7 bonus tracks 1978 USA Raven
Crazy Mabel Same 1971 UK Sunrise
Crazy People Bedlam 1968 USA Ger Fab
Creamcheeze Good Time Band Home Cookin 1974 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Creation We Are Paintermen 1967 UK Repertoire
Creation Painter Man/hits 1960’s UK Edsel
Creation ( Another UK Group ) Same 1974 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Creation ( ex-Blues Creation ) Same / Pure Electric Soul 1975/1977 Japan Mason
Creation Of Sunlight Same 1969 USA Mystic
Creative Construction Company ( CCC ) Same 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Creative Rock Lady Pig 1974 Germany Germanofon
Creative Rock Gorilla 1973 Germany Germanofon
Creed Same 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Creedence Clearwater Revival & Jeronimo Same USA/Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Creepy John Thomas Same 1969 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Creepy John Thomas Brother Bat Bone 1970 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Creepy John Thomas Brother Bat Bone / Same 1969/1970 UK Prog. Line
Creme Soda Tricky Zinger 1975 USA Radioactive
Crescendoes Same 1965 UK Go Down
Cressida Same 1970 UK Repertoire
Cressida Asylum 1971 UK Repertoire
Crestones Direct From Chicago 1960’s USA ?
Crests The Best 1958-1961 UK Ace
Crickets Remnants 1973 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Crimson Bridge Same 1972 USA Estrella Rockera
Crimson Tide Same 1978 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crium Delirium Concerts 1972 — 1975 1972-1975 France Legend Music
Cromagnon Same 1969 USA OHR ZYX
Cromagnon Orgasm 1969 USA ESP
Crome Syrcus Love Cycle 1968 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cromwell All The Gallop 1975 Ireland CD-R / Vinyl
Cromwell, Link & The Zoo Crazy Like A Fox 1966 Norton
Crooked Oak From Little Acorns Grow UK CD-R / Vinyl
Crosby, David If I Could Only Remember My Name 1971 USA
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 4 Way Street 1970 USA Atlantic
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young So Far 1974 USA Atlantic
Cross & Ross Bored Civilians 1972 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Crossbreeze Same 1974 Norway CD-R / Vinyl
Crosscat Saw Mad, Bad & Dangeroug To Know 1975 USA Akarma
Crossfire Same 1975 New Zeland CD-R / Vinyl
Crow By Crow 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crow Music 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crow Masaic 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crowbar Bad Manors 1970 Canada Unidisk
Crowbar Heavy Duty 1972 Canada Unidisk
Crowbar Same 1973 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Crowbar Larger Than 1971 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Crowbar The Best 1970-1972 Canada Unidisc
Crowd Live I Ronne Idraetshal 1968-1969 Denmark Karma
Crowfoot In God We Trust 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crowfoot Find The Sun 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ Same 1978 Australia CD-R / Vinyl
Crushed Butler Uncrushed 1969-1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Crusis Crusis/ Los Delirious Del … 1976 Argentina Runner
Cry 3 Same 1975 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cry Freedom Volcano 1976 Germany CD-R / Vinyl
Cryan’s Shames A Scratch In The Sky 1967 USA Sundazed
Cryan’s Shames Sugar & Spice 1966-1968 USA
Cryan’s Shames Synthesis 1968 USA Sundazed
Crystal Circus In Relation To Our Times 196? USA Akarma
Crystal Image 2 Rock And Roll 1974 USA Red Lounger
Crystal Mansion Same 1969 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Crystal Mansion Golden Classics USA Collectables
Crystal Phoenix The Legend Of The Two Stonedragons 1980 Italy Black Widow
Crystalaugur Terranaur 1972 USA Dodo
Crystals Same 1974 Italy Mellow
Cuarto Menguante Rompehielos 1980 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Cuby + Blizzards Dancing Bear Holland Red Bullet
Cuby + Blizzards Desolation/Groeten../Praise The Blues 1966/67/68 Holland Mercury
Cuby + Blizzards Live 1969 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cuby + Blizzards Afscheidsconcert 1974 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cuby + Blizzards King Of The World 1974 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cuby + Blizzards Red White & Blue 1975 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cuby + Blizzards Kid Blue 1976 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cuby + Blizzards Simple Man 1977 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Cucharada El Limpiabotas Que Queria Ser Torero 1979 Spain Serdisco
Cuero Crecimiento / Tiempo Despues 1974/1974 Argentina
Cuixa Montgo 1978 Spain CD-R / Vinyl
Culpeper`s Orchard Same 1971 Denmark Polydor
Culpeper’s Orchard First 1971 Denmark Karma
Culpeper`s Orchard Second Sight 1972 Denmark Prog. Line
Culpeper’s Orchard Second Sight 1972 Denmark Karma
Culpeper’s Orchard Going For A Song 1972 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Culpeper All Dresed Up 1977 Denmark CD-R / Vinyl
Cumulus Same 1972 Finland CD-R / Vinyl
Cumulus 2 1974 Finland CD-R / Vinyl
Cupid’s Inspiration Yesterday Has Gone 1969 UK Repertoire
Curacas Same CD-R / Vinyl
Curfew Let The Be Dark; And There Was Dark 1970 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Curly Curve Same 1971 Germany Germanofon
Curly Curve Forgotten Tapes 1974 Germany Garden Of Delight
Curry, Tim Read My Lips 1978 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Curtiss Maldoon Same 1971 UK CD-R / Vinyl
Curved Air Air Conditioning 1970 UK WB
Curved Air Second Sight 1971 UK WB
Curved Air Phantasmagoria 1972 UK WB
Curved Air Midnight Wire 1975 UK Repertoire
Curved Air Airborne 1976 UK Repertoire
Curved Air Live At The BBC 1970-1975 UK Band Of Joy
Cvece Polenov Prah Yugoslavia CD-R / Vinyl
CWT The Hundredweight 1973 UK Kuckuck
Cybotron Colossus 1977 Australia Inak
Cycle Same 1969 Canada CD-R / Vinyl
Cykle / The Young Ones Feauturing The Young Ones 1969 USA Ger Fab
Cyrano Z Predmestia Feaut. M.Varga, P.Hammel & Jan Strasser 1978 Czechia Bonton
Cyrkle Red Rubber Ball 1966 USA Sundazed
Cyrkle Neon 1967 USA Sundazed
Cymaron Rings 1971 USA CD-R / Vinyl
Cyril Mind Waves 1974 Holland CD-R / Vinyl
Czar Same 1971 UK Fingerprint
Czar Same 1970 UK Prog. Line
Czerwone Gitary To Wlasnie My 1966 Poland Muza
Czerwone Gitary 2 1967 Poland Digiton
Czerwone Gitary 3 1968 Poland Digiton
Czerwone Gitary Na Fujarce 1970 Poland CD-R / Vinyl
Czerwone Gitary Port Piratow 1976 Poland CD-R / Vinyl
Czerwono Czarni Same / 17 000 000 1966/1967 Poland Yesterday
Czerwono Czarni Zakochani Sa Sami Na Swiecie / Badz Dziewczyna… 1968/1970 Poland Yesterday
Czerwono Czarni Czarni I Ich Solisci Poland Akar
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